School Board

The Christ the King School Board has the responsibility, in consultation with school Administration, for creating and implementing the Strategic Plan, setting school policy, and maintaining the School’s financial health. The School Board, as the primary decision making body, is involved in long-range planning, evaluation and direction. The Board is accountable through the Archdoicese of Indianapolis for operating the School according to its Goals and Criteria. The Board is composed of no more than 15 members. The Principal and former President of HASA (the Home and School Association) are members, ex officio.

The Board meets as a whole once per month and operates through a series of standing committees. Each board member serves on at least one standing committee. Committees include:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Facilities & Capital Improvement
  • Enrollment & Marketing
  • Curriculum & School Development
  • Finance & Development

As is typical of independent schools, the Board is self-perpetuating. This means that the members select their own successors. Criteria to be considered includes diversity of talent and background, willingness to serve and perform the duties required, prior efforts on behalf of the Schools and conformance to the guidelines for makeup of the board as set forth in the bylaws. The board is diverse in terms of talent and background, but share a common devotion to Christ the King and its mission as expressed through hard work and generosity.

2016-17 Board of Trustees

Mr. Bill Kempf, Chairperson of the Board
Fr. Steve Lacroix, C.S.C.
Mr. Steve Hoffman
Mr. Steve Appleton
Mr. David Eckrich
Mrs. Maureen Eleff
Mrs. Alison Glenn (HASA Representative)
Mr. Bill Goodwine
Mr. Eric Morin
Mr. Chad Picking
Mrs. Meredith Santucci
Mr. Dominick Saratore
Mrs. Jennifer Wozniak
Mrs. Abby Zielinski