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We finished up unit two last week with keeping ourselves safe. We learned what we need to keep safe in the car, riding a bike, playing outside, around water, and in the sun. We learned that we need to sit in a booster seat with a buckle every time we get into a car. We […]

5 Senses

This week like every week we used our five senses to learn about the world around us. This week however, we learned we have five senses. We learned about the sense of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smelling. We used our senses throughout the week playing eye spy, feeling different textures, and making instruments. The […]

What Makes a Good Friend

This week we discovered ways to be a good friend. We read many books with great examples of friendship. Our favorite this week was a three book trilogy about a bear and Eddie written by Jez Alborough. We learned that even though they look very different a bear and boy can be friends. Also it […]


This week we talked all about getting along with others. We learned the “golden rule”, treat others as you would like to be treated. Our letter people each week also give us good lessons on how to act at school. This week they talked about sharing. We have been learning strategies to handle situations when […]