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CAT, BAT, MAT, LOOK OUT! Rhyming Dust Bunnies

This week we have been working on rhyming. We have read several rhyming books and sang rhyming songs. We learned the five green and speckled frog song, ask your child if they can teach your the song. Some of the books we read included, The Rhyming Dust Bunnies, Sheep in a Jeep, and One Duck […]

Week of November 27th- December 1st

Hello Parents, We have been very busy in Pre-k this week. We have been continuing our talk about nutrition and being healthy. We did a food group sort and cut out pictures to sort into the different food groups. We talked about the food groups and what kinds of food can go in each group. […]

Week of November 6th

Hello Pre-k Parents, I am now officially back in the classroom! It has been wonderful getting to meet your little ones and seeing their smiling faces! This week our letter was the letter Ff. We practiced writing the letter and the sound that the letter makes. Ms. F helped us out by showing us her […]

Community Helpers

A happy Halloween celebration and the great start to a new month – Mr. D danced his way into the introduction of the letter “Dd” in our classroom – dancing, dipping and diving into a fun week! It was a week filled with cool science experiments … on Monday, we dissected our pumpkin from the […]

Fun Week with Community Helpers and Pumpkin Patch

This week, we continued our theme about our community. We had a fun week in which numerous community helpers shared their stories … Mr. Szucs came in to talk to us about his job as a firefighter, showed the class all the equipment needed when fighting fires, and reviewed with the class the importance of […]

Our Community

We started our next theme for the month – Our Community and the students were excited to start a fun week! We met Mr. B and read his book about buttons! Each week, we write on the dry erase board as many words we can for the letter of the week – this week we […]

Keeping Safe

It was all about safety this week! We talked about the importance of safety coinciding with our WOW words – equipment we can use to be safe (for example: helmets, seatbelts, sunscreen), cautious (looking both ways crossing the street), distract (no distracting the driver of the car), and admire (badge of safety and for those […]

Hear, Smell, Taste, See, and Touch

What a fun week of studying our 5 senses! Mr. M taught us about his favorite sense, taste, and how it ties into all our other senses! We met our letter puppet of the week each day “munching” somewhere new in the classroom … he reviewed our WOW words for the week – munch, observe, […]

Our Special Families

It was a special week talking about our families and what makes them unique, similar and how we are part of God’s family! The WOW words for the week were: belong, calm, boisterous, comfort, and support. Our letter this week was Hh – with Mr. H who had happy hair. We worked on writing our […]

All about Me

God made us unique and special – this is our new theme this month! We read the book I Like Me by Nancy Carlson along with learning a new song and 2 new religion stories about how God loves the children. What makes us special? Our WOW words this week were unique, creative, athletic, appreciate, […]

One month into the School Year

Well, we are one month into the school year and just finished our first theme “At School” of the curriculum! Next week, we start our next theme “All about Me” – to discuss and learn about how special and unique we each are especially to God! This past week, we learned about the importance of […]

“N” Week … Meeting Noisy Mr. N

Well, it was a quick week and a busy one too! This was our first letter week and we met Mr. N on Tuesday – Mr. N kicked off a “noisy” and newsworthy week. Our theme this week was “Getting Along” and we worked on different role play situations and learned socialization skills that will […]

It’s all about Safe at School

First, it was wonderful to see so many parents at Back to School Night! We had another fun week at Pre-K … the theme this week was how to be safe at school. We talked about rules coming to and from school, the rules in the school, the rules on the playground and rules in […]

Off to a Great Start!

What a great start to the school year! Mrs Dosch and I have truly enjoyed getting to know your children and they have enjoyed getting to know each other – an absolutely wonderful class! We had a busy week starting with the solar eclipse on Monday. I hope your student came home with their eclipse […]