Mrs. Helms’ Blog

September 25-29

We have begun our first Science unit this week!  After learning and growing in understanding of how great all of God’s creation is and how it is a gift to us, we are now diving into our unit on living things.  The class started the week with a hands-on lab where they used their hand […]

September 18-22

This group of children is absolutely wonderful!  Time and time again, I see kids helping each other out, holding doors for others, and using their manners thanking the other for their help.  I cannot take credit for their remarkable behavior myself.  You at home are doing a great job with these kids, and it makes […]

September 11-15

We have had a great first couple of weeks in first grade! We have built a great community of learning and fun.  I love watching these kids, when they don’t know I’m watching them, help each other out and share encouraging words.  I can already tell this will be a great year together! The past […]