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Math: Worksheet. Test Wednesday. Social Studies: Study. Test Wednesday. Spanish test tomorrow. Reading/LA: Test Friday, story 12.


Math: The Math test will be Wednesday, March 20th. Currently, the students think it is Tuesday. I changed it to Wednesday. This test will cover adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. Reading: There will be a Reading test next Friday along with a Grammar test.  The story is story 12. The Grammar test will […]


Math: Worksheet. Complete on loose leaf paper. Complete the first six. Do not estimate. Line plot packet. Religion:  Study for test.


Math:  Two worksheets Science: Study for test Wednesday. Religion: Study for test Friday.


Science:  All students should study their notes and text for the Science Test scheduled for Wednesday. Next week: Religion test: Friday.


Math: Worksheet Reading: Read story, study notes. Music: Practice bugs


Math: Worksheet. Test Friday. Spanish: Test tomorrow. Reading: Test Wednesday. Study vocabulary tonight.


Math: Two worksheets. The next test will be late next week. Skills to cover: LCM, equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering fractions (greater than, less than, least to greatest, greatest to least) adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators (which will draw on previous skills of simplifying fractions and changing improper fractions to mixed numbers). Reading: […]


Math: Worksheet 4-5 B Grammar: Test Friday- pronouns Due to the short week, we will have our Reading test on Tuesday of next week.


Math: Corrections need to be made on the math tests. I initially said students should attach a piece of loose leaf paper to the test. It makes more sense to just do the corrections on the very back of the test!


Religion: Study Spelling:  Study Social Studies: Study Science: Study Math: Worksheet 6-3


Math:  Worksheet, LCM Spelling: Workbook 162, test Friday. Study spelling words. Social Studies:  Test Thursday, study. Science: Skeleton test Friday, study. We have been playing Simon Says to practice our bone identification, and we created a model today. Areas of difficulty in the past for students have been the radius and ulna- radius goes to […]


Math: Worksheet, add/subtract fractions Spelling:  3x each, test Friday. Social Studies: Study. Test Thursday. Science: Skeleton test Friday. Know all the bones on the diagram. A word bank will be provided. The student will label the bones. Religion: Test Thursday. Two pages of notes. Reread Chapter 6.


Wordly Wise: Study for test tomorrow. Complete 6E. Math: Worksheet. Test tomorrow.


Math: Two worksheets: Worksheet 12 and worksheet 5-9, problems 8, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 Wordly Wise: I forgot we have Starbase Thursday! Therefore, the test will be Friday. All students should study their words each night. Reading: Test tomorrow. Study vocabulary words and reread the story. Science: Complete skeleton word search.


Math: Test Friday. Worksheet 5 – 10, change mixed numbers or fractions to decimals. Geometry sheet, page 7 only. Reading: Test Wednesday. Read story, study vocab. Wordly Wise: Test Thursday.


Test dates for this week have been changed to the following dates: Wednesday: Reading test over story Cougars. We read the story together in class today. We will spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for Wednesday’s test. The skill is main idea and details. The Grammar test will focus on dialogue. Thursday: Wordly Wise test, Lesson […]


Math:  Finish worksheet 4-4. Math test next week on these skills shown on this sheet. Wordly Wise: Study words. Test this Friday.

1/25/19 Parents: Please look in your child’s pink home folder today. His/her narrative is due Friday, February 1st. Also, it saddens me to say that this afternoon my remote has gone missing. Unfortunately, I have to ask you to please check your child’s backpack. It was here Friday afternoon and was nowhere to be found […]


Math: Worksheet 4-4B, problems 7 – 12. Show division. Reading workbook: Pages 99, 103, and 114. Spelling:  Study for Friday’s test.


Math: Worksheet, change fractions or mixed numbers to decimals. Show your work. Spelling: 3x each due Wednesday. Test Friday. Social Studies: Review questions  


Religion:  Study. Test tomorrow. Math: Worksheet Science:  Read Energy book, pages 34 – 39.


Math:  Worksheet, 1 – 6, skip 4. Simplify if possible. Religion: Study LA: Crossword


Math:  Worksheet. Test tomorrow. Prime/composite numbers. GCF. Make lists, trees. Science: Worksheet. Side 101 only.


All students were instructed to study for the Spanish test Monday. All students were instructed to reread the story for the Reading test Tuesday. All students were instructed to study for the Religion test Friday. Study notes and read the two chapters on Advent and Christmas at the beginning of the text. Have a great […]


Narrative due tomorrow. Math:  Six factor trees due tomorrow and math packet. The Reading and Grammar tests have been rescheduled for Tuesday of next week.


Good afternoon! We were not able to complete our blogs for two days. They are now up and running! Friday we have a  Reading test and Grammar test scheduled. I think we will be able to complete the Grammar test, but I don’t think we will have enough time to prepare for the Reading test […]


Math: worksheet Reading: Record definitions for story. Test Friday. Grammar: Test Friday, compound sentences Writing: All students must have a typed rough draft of their narrative by Friday, January 11th. Type at home. Printing can be done at school if necessary.


Math: Worksheet 4-1:  1 – 6, 7 – 12, 19, 20 Workbook pages 311 and 312: 6 – 11 on loose leaf, 15, 17, 18, 19 Science: Study for test Friday.


Science: Study for test Friday. Math:  Page 275, 2 – 6, page 311, 1 – 3, two word problems on the half sheet of paper, test Friday. Reading:  Orca crossword Social Studies: Study for test Wednesday.


Math: We will have a test next Friday over multiplying and dividing decimals and divisibility rules. We started dividing decimals today. This should not be too difficult – just bring the decimal straight up in the quotient and divide! Science: The test was originally scheduled for Wednesday. This test is over Chapter One, Lessons Four […]


Math: Worksheet SS: Finish study guide packet Reading: Review story, vocabulary words and notes. Test tomorrow. Grammar: Direct Object worksheet, test tomorrow. Religion: 5P students had the option of taking the test today or tomorrow. I caused some confusion, so I gave the students the option. Ask your child what she/he chose!


Religion: Test tomorrow for 5P! Study notes, text, and page 119! Math:  Complete six multiplication problems. Social Studies: Finish chapter review.


Wordly Wise: Complete 4D. Study for test tomorrow. Social Studies:  Complete workbook 21 Math: Workbook 267, 4, 5 and 269, 2 – 6 Religion: Complete workbook 119


Reading: Define vocabulary words for story Old Yeller, test Friday LA:  Test this Friday on direct objects Wordly Wise: Study for test Wednesday. Religion: Study for test Friday. Study notes and text. Social Studies: Workbook 19 and 20, study for test Friday. Math: Complete multiplication problems through 11. Worksheet on area of parallelogram. Show work. […]


Spelling: Study for test Math: Workbook pages 225, 226, 272, 1- 11 Homophone worksheet, grate/great


Math:  Two worksheets. Please show exponent answers in the shape. Spelling: Workbook 78, study for test Friday. Upcoming tests: Spelling: Friday, story Old Yeller Wordly Wise:  Test on Chapter 4 Wednesday, December 5 Religion: Test on Chapter 4 Thursday, December 6. Study notes and text. Reading/Grammar: Test Friday, December 7 Science: Test on Chapter 1, […]


Math:  Double sided worksheet, test tomorrow on adding and subtracting decimals. LA: Grammar test tomorrow on verbs. One worksheet on helping verbs due tomorrow Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow. Test Friday. Story: Old Yeller Reading: Crossword Please remember that all students need a sack lunch Wednesday!


Math:  Workbook pages 185, 7 & 8, and 186, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Reading: Test tomorrow. Skim story. Study vocabulary words and notes. Complete workbook pages 67 and 68.


Reading/LA – Tests Friday, the LA grammar test will be over verbs. Math:  Finish + and – decimals worksheet. LA:  Verb worksheet


Science: The test is now scheduled for Thursday. All students were instructed to study over the weekend. They were given some time to study in class today. Spelling: 3x each is due tomorrow for the story Quest for the Tree Kangaroo. The test is Friday. This will be a semester one grade.


Science: Test Thursdy over Chapter One, Lessons 1, 2, and 3 only. All students were instructed to take home their book and notes to study this weekend.


Math:  Complete packet Social Studies:  Finish questions and workbook 13 Wordly Wise:  Study words Religion:  Study


Wordly Wise:  All students were instructed to take home their Wordly Wise to study for Thursday’s test over Lesson 3. The students believe the test is Thursday. I think I’m going to change it due to the Religion test Thursday. Math:  Test Friday Religion:  All students were instructed to take home their Religion notes and […]


Reading:  Workbook 56, reread story, study vocabulary words Math:  Worksheet, problems 2,3,4,5  show work Agenda next week:  Wordly Wise Wednesday, Religion test Thursday, study notes and text, Math test Friday, round decimals, compare and order decimals.


Math: Rounding worksheet Grammar:  Noun worksheet, both sides Reading: Study story


Math:  Worksheet on rounding decimals. Test next Friday on rounding decimals, and comparing and ordering decimals. After that, we add and subtract decimals. Religion: Worksheet Heads up:  We will have our last Science test of the semester on November 8th.  All students have been informed and having been studying a bit every other day. Of […]


Math:  Today we began rounding decimals. We will compare and order decimals in this unit. We should be ready for a test over these three skills by next Friday. The students had six problems to round for homework. Reading/Grammar: We will have a test over Elisa’s Diary on Friday. The grammar test on Friday will […]


Next week’s agenda: Tests:  Friday – Reading- story Elisa’s Diary, Grammar – singular and plural nouns Mass at ND on Wednesday!


Math:  Test tomorrow. Spelling:  Test tomorrow. Study. Reading: Worksheet, both sides.


Math:  Worksheet. Test Friday. Change decimals to standard form, expanded form, and written form. Spelling: Workbook 54. Test Friday. Science: Worksheet, Periodic Table


Math: Change decimal numbers to expanded form. Test Friday: Changing decimal forms from written to standard to expanded form. Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow. Test Friday. Reading:  Worksheet homophones, side 10 only.


Religion:  Study notes, text, and Ten Commandments. Test Wednesday. Math:  Test Tuesday. Multiply and divide whole numbers. Social Studies:  Study. The students have a study packet. Test Tuesday.


Math:  Complete decimal word form, complete reverse side of multiplication worksheet – division SS: Practice book 10 – 12, study Reading/LA: Idiom worksheet, complete subject/complete predicate worksheet, study  


Wordly Wise: Finish 2E. Test tomorrow. Study. Reading: Review story. Study vocabulary. Test Friday. Grammar: Test Friday on compound sentences and complete subjects and complete predicates Social Studies: PB 9 Science:  Periodic Table worksheet Tests next week: Tuesday:  Math test – Multiply and divide whole numbers, apply in word problems Wednesday:  Religion test. Study notes, […]


Math:  Worksheet Spelling:  Reading workbook 30 Science:  Study for test Friday.


Math:  Division problems from Volume 1, math page 6, 1 & 2, page 7, 3, 5, 6, page 9 2, 3, 4 Science:  Test Friday (I changed the date from Thursday. We have a lab on Thursday).  All students have been instructed to study their notes, highlighted areas in their book, and skim the chapter. […]


Math:  Four board problems Science:  Word search Reading/Grammar:  Reread story. Study notes/vocabulary.   Test tomorrow.   Tests next week:  Science, Thursday     Spelling test, story three, Friday


Math:  Packet problems, board division problems. Test Wednesday. Reading:  Test on story two Friday. Grammar test Friday on the four types of sentences.


Math:  Five division problems, 1 – 10 in packet Spelling: Study for Spelling test.


Math:  Worksheet Spelling:  Study for test Friday. Tests next week:  Math – Wednesday, Reading – Friday, story two, Grammar – Friday, four types of sentences


Math:   Worksheet Spelling:  3x each.  Test Friday. Our math test will next Wednesday. It will begin with place value, then move to properties in math and exponents. We’re working hard to master these concepts.


Math:  Worksheet Parents:  Please review your child’s papers and sign the pink home folder.  Thank you!


Reading:  Test tomorrow. Review story and notes. Parents: We were so busy today that we did not get to home folders.  We will pass out graded work tomorrow. Students should return their pink folder on Monday.


Social Studies:  Workbook 4 Wordly Wise:  Study.  Test tomorrow. Religion:  Study.  Test Thursday.  Study Chapter 1 notes and skim text. Reading:  Test Friday on first story.  Grammar test on sentences/sentence fragments.


Wordly Wise test Wednesday.  All students were instructed to study over the weekend.


Math:  Two worksheets Social Studies:  Workbook 3 Looking ahead to next week: Test dates:  Wednesday:  Wordly Wise 1 Test,  Thursday: Religion Test,  Friday:  Reading/Grammar Tests This seems like a lot, but students should start studying Wordly Wise words now, and they can start studying their Religion notes.


Math:  Division worksheet Spelling:  Study for test. Wordly Wise:  Lesson 1A


Math:  Multiplication worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook page 1. Spelling:  Study for test Friday.


Math:  Multiplication worksheet Spelling:  Workbook 5, study for test Friday. Science:  Finish text problems.  


Math:  Division worksheet Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow.  Test Friday. LA:  Workbook 8