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Next week’s agenda: Tests:  Friday – Reading- story Elisa’s Diary, Grammar – singular and plural nouns Mass at ND on Wednesday!


Math:  Test tomorrow. Spelling:  Test tomorrow. Study. Reading: Worksheet, both sides.


Math:  Worksheet. Test Friday. Change decimals to standard form, expanded form, and written form. Spelling: Workbook 54. Test Friday. Science: Worksheet, Periodic Table


Math: Change decimal numbers to expanded form. Test Friday: Changing decimal forms from written to standard to expanded form. Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow. Test Friday. Reading:  Worksheet homophones, side 10 only.


Religion:  Study notes, text, and Ten Commandments. Test Wednesday. Math:  Test Tuesday. Multiply and divide whole numbers. Social Studies:  Study. The students have a study packet. Test Tuesday.


Math:  Complete decimal word form, complete reverse side of multiplication worksheet – division SS: Practice book 10 – 12, study Reading/LA: Idiom worksheet, complete subject/complete predicate worksheet, study  


Wordly Wise: Finish 2E. Test tomorrow. Study. Reading: Review story. Study vocabulary. Test Friday. Grammar: Test Friday on compound sentences and complete subjects and complete predicates Social Studies: PB 9 Science:  Periodic Table worksheet Tests next week: Tuesday:  Math test – Multiply and divide whole numbers, apply in word problems Wednesday:  Religion test. Study notes, […]


Math:  Worksheet Spelling:  Reading workbook 30 Science:  Study for test Friday.


Math:  Division problems from Volume 1, math page 6, 1 & 2, page 7, 3, 5, 6, page 9 2, 3, 4 Science:  Test Friday (I changed the date from Thursday. We have a lab on Thursday).  All students have been instructed to study their notes, highlighted areas in their book, and skim the chapter. […]


Math:  Four board problems Science:  Word search Reading/Grammar:  Reread story. Study notes/vocabulary.   Test tomorrow.   Tests next week:  Science, Thursday     Spelling test, story three, Friday


Math:  Packet problems, board division problems. Test Wednesday. Reading:  Test on story two Friday. Grammar test Friday on the four types of sentences.


Math:  Five division problems, 1 – 10 in packet Spelling: Study for Spelling test.


Math:  Worksheet Spelling:  Study for test Friday. Tests next week:  Math – Wednesday, Reading – Friday, story two, Grammar – Friday, four types of sentences


Math:   Worksheet Spelling:  3x each.  Test Friday. Our math test will next Wednesday. It will begin with place value, then move to properties in math and exponents. We’re working hard to master these concepts.


Math:  Worksheet Parents:  Please review your child’s papers and sign the pink home folder.  Thank you!


Reading:  Test tomorrow. Review story and notes. Parents: We were so busy today that we did not get to home folders.  We will pass out graded work tomorrow. Students should return their pink folder on Monday.


Social Studies:  Workbook 4 Wordly Wise:  Study.  Test tomorrow. Religion:  Study.  Test Thursday.  Study Chapter 1 notes and skim text. Reading:  Test Friday on first story.  Grammar test on sentences/sentence fragments.


Wordly Wise test Wednesday.  All students were instructed to study over the weekend.


Math:  Two worksheets Social Studies:  Workbook 3 Looking ahead to next week: Test dates:  Wednesday:  Wordly Wise 1 Test,  Thursday: Religion Test,  Friday:  Reading/Grammar Tests This seems like a lot, but students should start studying Wordly Wise words now, and they can start studying their Religion notes.


Math:  Division worksheet Spelling:  Study for test. Wordly Wise:  Lesson 1A


Math:  Multiplication worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook page 1. Spelling:  Study for test Friday.


Math:  Multiplication worksheet Spelling:  Workbook 5, study for test Friday. Science:  Finish text problems.  


Math:  Division worksheet Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow.  Test Friday. LA:  Workbook 8


Tuesday:  Regular school day! Wednesday: Regular school day!  Wordly Wise 9 test, The Cay test. Thursday:  Field trip Friday:  Last day of school! It has been a wonderful year!  I have really enjoyed the children!


Math:  Test Friday.  Multiply and divide fractions. Social  Studies:  Workbook 99.  Test Wednesday.  


Social Studies:  Essays due Monday. Spelling:  Study Wordly Wise:  Finish 8E, study.


Science:  Study for test tomorrow. Wordly Wise:  Study for test Friday. Spelling:  Study for test Friday. Social Studies:  Workbook 95 and 96


Spelling:  Word search. Test Friday.  Study. Social Studies:  Profit worksheet LA:  Adverb test Friday Test schedule: This week:  Friday – Spelling test, Adverb test Next week:  Science test, Thursday, Wordly Wise test 8, Friday Week of May 21:  Math Test, multiply, divide fractions/mixed numbers Tuesday, May 28th:  The Cay test.  Multiple choice.  Students will have […]


All students were reminded to take home their notes and study for the Religion test Monday.


Social Studies:  Test tomorrow. Study. Spelling:  Test tomorrow. Study.


Spelling:  3X each due tomorrow.  Test Friday. Social Studies:  Test Friday. Math:  Workbook 38


Math:  Page 195, 45 – 50, test Thursday, add/subtract fractions and mixed numbers, order and compare fractions and mixed numbers Social Studies: Workbook 82, 83 Wordly Wise:  Test Friday, Lesson 7


Spelling:  3x each.  Test Friday. Science:  Skeleton test Friday.


Social Studies:  Study, test tomorrow Reading:  Reread story, study vocab and root words.  Test tomorrow. Math:  Page 256


Math:  Page 252, 9 – 20, worksheet Reading:  Reread story, study vocab Social Studies:  Study  


MATH:  Worksheet.  Show work!, Text, page 246, 1 – 4. Reading:  Test Friday, story:  LUNCH MONEY. Study vocabulary. Social Studies:  Study.  Test Friday.


Math:  Page 236, 1 – 5, 14,15  The students had 20 minutes to work on this in class. Social Studies:  Workbook 71, 72 Science:  Study.  Test tomorrow.


Math:  Workbook pages 34, 35 Social Studies:  Study for States and Capitals test Science:  Study for test Thursday.


All students were instructed to study this weekend! Science:  Test Thursday Social Studies:  States and Capitals test Thursday Spanish:  Test Monday


Math:  Page 198, 23 – 35 Spelling:  Study! Wordly Wise:  Test tomorrow.  Study. Finish Lesson 6E Social Studies:  States and Capitals test next Wednesday.  Study. Science:  Chapter test next Thursday.  Start studying.  Study your fact packet, notes, skim text.  


Math:  LCM worksheet. Complete 9 – 20.  Textbook problems, page 198, 2 – 22.  Write the problems vertically. Spelling:  Workbook 222, test Friday Social Studies:  Workbook 74 Wordly Wise:  Study Lesson 6, test Thursday


Math:  Text page 220, problems 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18    Fraction worksheet Social Studies:  Worksheet Spelling:  Story 16, 3x each, test Friday. Wordly Wise:  The test has been moved to Thursday.  Study tonight.


Tests next week: Wordly Wise:  Wednesday. Lesson 6. Spelling:  Test Friday, story to be determined. Science:  The test will be Holy Thursday. Astronomy.


Math:  Page 209, 45 – 50, 210, 51 -57 show division work, multiplication worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook 70


Wordly Wise 6C Math:  Workbook 29.  Test Friday over four skills:  Equivalent fractions, find the missing number in equivalent fractions, change improper fractions to mixed numbers, change mixed numbers to improper fractions.    


Math:  Worksheet, both sides Social Studies:  Workbook 67, 68, study for test Reading:  Worksheet side 95, Figurative languge  


Math:  Page 180, 9 – 12, 13 – 20, 29 – 36. Social Studies:  Workbook 66, study for test Friday. Reading:  Study vocabulary, skim story.  Test Friday.


Final ISTEP test is tomorrow!  The Social Studies ISTEP test will take place in the morning. We will take our Religion test and Preposition test tomorrow.  Students should study their religion notes and preposition lists.  I expect all will go well! Mrs. Carlin has changed the due date for the National Park paper and poster.  […]


Math:  Fraction worksheet Study for Religion, chapter notes, reread text. The students did a great job in the computer lab this morning.  This is the first ISTEP test using the computer for both the students and me!  All went well.  Tomorrow:  English.


Math:  Circle packet, test Thursday.  ISTEP math tomorrow. LA:  Worksheet 86, prepositions, test Friday. Religion:  Word search, page 143, 1 – 5, test Friday.  Study.


No homework. We have a number of tests next week. ISTEP testing will take place Tuesday through Friday.  The students will have one each day. We will also have three tests: Math:  Thursday.  This test will consist of finding the GCF by making lists and trees.  Two other skills will be changing fractions to decimals […]


LA:  Preposition worksheet Math:  Workbook 26, 1 – 9, make lists, 10 – 15 make trees using the first two numbers only.


Math:  Page 177, and worksheet Social Studies:  Typed rough draft due tomorrow.  Bring in poster supplies.  Complete workbook 61. ISTEP schedule next week: We are testing on the following days: February 27, February 28, March 1st, and March 2nd.  Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and has a good breakfast!


Spelling:  Workbook 270, study for test Math:  Text problems Social Studies:  Research


Math:  Worksheet. Test next week.  Find the GCF of numbers by making lists and factor trees.  Change decimals to fractions/mixed numbers, change fractions/mixed numbers to decimals. Social Studies:  Chapter 7, read Lesson 1, research Spelling:  3x each, test Friday


Social Studies:  Study for test tomorrow. Science:  Study for test Friday Math:  Page 167 22, 23  Find the GCF using trees.


Social Studies:  Test Tuesday. Science:  Test Friday. All students were instructed to study over the weekend!


Math:  Pages 167, 168, 11 – 14, 37, 38 Wordly Wise:  Study Social Studies:  Study, essays, workbook 58, 59


Math:  Text, 167, worksheet Wordly Wise:  Study Social Studies:  Workbook 55 – 57, study, test Tuesday – Chapter test


Math:  Page 167, 3 – 6, worksheet LA:  Verb tense worksheet Wordly Wise:  The test has been moved to Friday. Online math textbook:    UN:  cksmath1,     PW:  cks2018  


Math:  GCF problems, page 167 Social Studies:  Workbook 53, Lesson 3 Grammar test Friday. Wordly Wise test Thursday, Lesson 5


Tests next week: Spanish:  Test Monday Wordly Wise:  Test Friday, Lesson 5 Grammar:  Test Friday, verb tenses


Math:  Worksheet Social Studies:  Study. Reading:  Review story, study notes, vocabulary.  


Math:  Workbook 25 Social Studies:  Study for test Reading:  Skim story, review vocabulary


Math:  Page 172, 1 – 17 Social Studies:  Read Lesson 2, wkbk. 52 Reading:  Study vocabulary for test Friday.  


Math:  Worksheet, test Thursday Social Studies:  Crossword, test Friday on states and capitals Reading:  Test Friday on story 12 Grammar:  Test Friday on story 12


Math: Double-sided worksheet Science:  Finish word scramble in energy book.


Math:  Finish prime factorization trees.  We will have a test next Thursday over four skills:  Divisibility rules, prime and composite numbers, factor trees, and factor lists. Social Studies:  Test tomorrow.  Study. Additional tests next week:  Friday, Reading test over story 12, and Grammar test – verb tenses


Math:  Worksheet 17 – 25.  Make factor trees. Social Studies:  Study for test.  Finish essays. Spelling:  Test tomorrow.  Study. Science:  Packet due tomorrow.


Math:  Page 159, 47, 48, workbook 24 Spelling:  Study for test Friday. Social Studies:  Study for test next Wednesday. Science:  Trapezoid worksheet due tomorrow.  


Math:  Page 208, 4 – 9 Science:  Study for test Friday. Wordly Wise:  Study for test Friday.


Math: Page 158, 13 – 20 Social Studies:  Workbook 43, 44 Wordly Wise:  Lesson 4A, test Thursday Science:  Quiz tomorrow over lessons three and four.  Test Friday over lessons one through four  


All students were instructed to study Wordly Wise and Science over the weekend. Tests next week: Wordly Wise, Thursday, Lesson 4 Science quiz Tuesday over Lessons 3 and 4, test Friday over lessons 1 -4, not five or six.


Religion:  Study Math:  Worksheet, 1 – 30 LA:  Pronoun worksheet


Religion:  Test Friday on Chapter Four.  Study. Math:  Pages 150, 151.  Complete 1 – 19, skip 13 and 14.  Show work for 2, 5, 10, 11, 17, 18, 19 Reading:  Grammar test Friday on pronouns Social Studies:  Geo worksheets due Friday.


Science:  Quiz Tuesday over lessons one and two Reading:  Grammar test Friday Religion:  Test Thursday over Chapter 4 notes


Math:  Test tomorrow. Reading:  Test tomorrow.  Reread story, study vocabulary and notes.


Reading:  Study vocabulary words.  Reread story before Friday. Social Studies:  Study.  Test tomorrow. Math:  Worksheet, problems 1 – 3 (entire row)


Reading:  Study vocabulary Social Studies:  Study for test, workbook 39 – 41, essays Math:  Worksheet, problems from page 147


Reading:  Test Friday on story 11. Social Studies:  Test Thursday Math:  Problems from page 128, worksheet. Test Friday, multiply and divide decimals.


Looking ahead: Tests next week: Social Studies:  Chapter Four test Thursday.  All students were instructed to take home their social studies and study a bit this weekend. Math:  Test Friday, multiply, divide decimals Reading:  Test Friday over story 11, Dangerous Crossing


Spelling:  Workbook 162, test Friday Social Studies:  Workbook 37, chapter test next Thursday Math:  Worksheet


Math:  Page 128, 10 – 18, worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook pages 35, 36, Chapter test, Dec. 7. Spelling:  3X each due tomorrow.  Test Friday. Science:  Two worksheets


Math:  Worksheet, workbook 19 Religion:  Worksheet Parents, Just a reminder, conferences are ten minutes.  If you require more time, please send me an email.  I would hate to get backed up and make people upset! Thank you for your consideration!


Math:  Page 124, 29 – 36, 43, 44, 55, 56 Science:  Weather worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook 32, study for SW region test Thursday.


Social Studies:  Test next week:  SW region states and capitals.  I’m not sure when Mrs. Carlin scheduled it!


Math:  Division worksheet Wordly Wise:  Study for test Religion:  Study for test


Science:  Study. Test tomorrow. Wordly Wise:  Study.  Test Friday. Religion:  Study.  Test Friday. Social Studies:  Word search.


Math:  Test Wednesday, add, subtract, round decimals Wordly Wise:  Test Friday, Lesson Three Science:  Test Thursday, study notes, stapled packet, and lesson in book Regligion:  Test Friday, Chapter Three, study notes (know whether the sacrament is one of healing, service, or initiation), scripture passages hand out (I will give the passage, and students will write […]


Math:  Finish two worksheets Science:  Study.  Test next Thursday.


Math:  Decimal subtraction worksheet Science:  Worksheet Religion:  Worksheet


Math:  Worksheet Social Studies:  Test Thursday.  Complete essays, wkbk. 29, 30, crossword, true/false problems


Math:  Page 145, 21 – 29 Social Studies:  Geography sheet Reading Workbook, page 92 Read story Everglades Forever


Math:  Worksheet, six multiplication problems Wordly Wise:  Test tomorrow, study Reading:  Study vocabulary


Math:  Page 112, 12, 13, 22 – 29,  33 – 35 Study Wordly Wise and Reading vocabulary


MATH:  Page 44, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17     Page 110, 5, 6, 7, 14 – 21, 30 – 32 Social Studies:  Study Wordly Wise:  Study for test Lesson Two Thursday Reading and Grammar test Friday.  Students can begin studying vocabulary words.


Science Test Monday!  All students should have been prepared today, but due to altar server training I had to reschedule it for Monday.  Students should just review their notes. Social Studies:  States and Capitals test Tuesday.  SE region. Wordly Wise test Thursday Reading and Grammar test Friday  — story 8, grammar – conjunctions  


Math:  Workbook page Spelling:  Study, workbook page 88 Science:  Study Social Studies:  Study


Math:  Worksheet Science:  Study Spelling:  Workbook 90, study Social Studies:  Study.  Test on SE region Tuesday


Math:  Workbook 15, test Friday on decimals:  Changing forms:  Standard, expanded, written, and ordering and comparing decimals Science:  Study.  Test Friday, Chapter Two, Lessons 1 – 4.  Study notes, text, text problems we did in class, and worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook 23 Spelling:  Test Friday, story eight  


Math:  Worksheet Science:  Word search due Wednesday Religion:  Study notes, text, and review sheet.  Chapter Two test Friday Social Studies:  Native American picture due


No homework. Tests next week: Religion on Thursday over Chapter Two and angels


Religion:  Workbook 91 Math:  Page 102, 103   problems:  1, 4, 9, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 45, 46 Reading:  Test tomorrow.  Reread story, study vocabulary words


Social Studies:  Study for test.  Complete workbook pages 20 & 21. Math:  Page 144, 4 – 9. Reading:  Study vocabulary Science:  States of Matter worksheet due tomorrow.  


Social Studies:  Study for test Wednesday Math:  Two worksheets Reading:  Study vocabulary for Friday’s test


Social Studies:  Test Wednesday.  Study Lessons 2, 3, 4 and essay questions. Reading and Grammar test next Friday  


Social Studies:  Study Lesson One Math:  Finish worksheet Spelling:  Test tomorrow


Social Studies: Workbook 19 Science:  Worksheet (5P only) Spelling:  Study Math:  Decimal Written Form worksheet


Spelling:  Three times each due Tuesday, Test Friday Social Studies:  Study for test tomorrow.


Social Studies:  Study for Tuesday test. Other tests next week: Spelling:  Friday  


Math:  Worksheet, test tomorrow Reading:  Study for test.  Study vocabulary words, reread story


Math:  Page 39, 25 – 29, page 41, 1 – 15 Social Studies:  Workbook 17, finish worksheet


Math:  Page 38, 5 – 23, skip 8 Reading:  Test Friday.  Study vocab.  


No weekend homework. Two tests next week: Reading:  Friday Math:  Thursday


Social Studies:  Workbook 13 Wordly Wise:  Study words Spelling:  Study words


Spelling:  Workbook 66, study, test Friday Science:  Study, test tomorrow Wordly Wise:  Study, test Friday


Math:  Page 20, 14 – 33, skip 19, 20, and 21 Wordly Wise:  1B, study for test Friday Spelling:  Study for test Friday Science:  Study for test Thursday.  Element worksheet due Wednesday. Social Studies:  Read Lesson 1, Chapter Two


Math:  Text page 20, 6 – 13, skip 7 Science:  Study for test Thursday.  Element worksheet due Wednesday. Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow.  Test Friday. Wordly Wise:  Test Friday.  Study. LA:  Homophone worksheet  


Two tests next week: Science:  Thursday.  Study notes, returned homework, highlighted text, and completed text questions. Wordly Wise:  Friday.  Study words from Lesson One.


Social Studies:  Workbook 10, 11.  Study.  Test tomorrow. Religion:  Study.  Test tomorrow.  Study Ten Commandments. Math:  Page 12, 33 – 58 Science:  Complete worksheet.    


Math:  Worksheet Social Studies:  Study, test Wednesday Religion:  Test Thursday, Chapter 1.  Study notes and chapter


Math:  Worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook 7 -8, study Lesson 3 Reading:  Study notes, review story for test tomorrow


Math:  Worksheet Social Studies:  Read Lesson Five, study Lesson Two. Reading:  Study vocabulary


Math:  Board problems 1 – 9 Social Studies:  Workbook page 6 Reading:  Study vocabulary for Reading test Friday.  We will read the story together tomorrow. Social Studies Chapter One test 9 – 6 Science Test 9 – 14, study notes, highlights in chapter, and questions we complete in the text


Math:  Worksheet 1 -9 Social Studies:  Read Lesson four, finish workbook page, test next Wednesday


Social Studies:  Workbook 2 – 4 Spelling:  Study for test, workbook page 6  


Math:  Page 8, 13 – 24 Social Studies:  Read pages 26 – 29 Spelling:  Study for test Friday.


Math:  Page 8, 6 – 9 Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow.  Test Friday Social Studies:  States and capitals worksheet


Science:  Test tomorrow.  Study.  Moon Chart due tomorrow. Wordly Wise:  Test Friday.  Packet due tomorrow.


Wordly Wise:  Test Thursday, Lesson 10 Science:  Test Thursday, Lessons 3 and 5 in Chapter 7


Math:  Workbook pages 40-41 odds only. Science:  Study Social Studies:  Study Wordly Wise 10C


Math:  Page 268, 1-21 Social Studies:  Wkbk. 99 – 101, essays, study Science:  Study skeleton


Social Studies:  Study for test Science:  Study for test Math:  Page 262, 24 – 38


Math:  Page 260, 11 – 23.  Math test Friday, multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers. Social Studies:  Workbook 95, 96.  Test Friday. Science:  The students have a skeleton test on Thursday or Friday.  They are allowed to pick the day they want to take the test.


Science:  Study skeleton.  Test Friday. Social Studies:  Study.  Chapter test Friday. Math:  Page 266, problems 5, 14, 30b, 32, 34


Wordly Wise:  Study words for test Math:  Workbook 38 Social Studies:  Workbook 92


Math:  Text page 256, 1 – 28 Preposition test tomorrow.   Study prepositions Wordly Wise 9B Social Studies:  Wkbk. 94


Math:  Finish multiplication worksheet. Social Studies:  Worksheet Wordly Wise:  9C, study for test Friday  


Math:  Continue with worksheet through problem 15. Wordly Wise:  Complete 9A.  Test Friday. Reading:  Complete workbook page 274, prepositions.  Preposition grammar test Thursday.


Science:  Study for test Math:  Worksheet, SG side only Reading: Study for test.  Reread story, study vocabulary


Math:  Page 252, 1-4, 9 – 16, percent worksheet Science:  Study.  


Science: Study.  Test Friday. Social Studies:  Study.  Test tomorrow. Spanish:  Study.  Test tomorrow. Religion:  Workbook 143.


Science:  Study Lessons One and Two.  Test next Friday. Social Studies:  Workbook 89, 90


Math:  Workbook 36, show all work Wordly Wise:  Study for test Friday.


Math:  Workbook 35, complete on a loose leaf piece of paper.  Test Thursday. Wordly Wise:  8B.  Test Friday Grammar test Friday.  The Reading test has been moved to next week.


Math:  Page 236, 14 – 23, test Thursday, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers Social Studies:  Workbook 81 – 85 Reading and grammar test Friday, story 14, James Forten  


Math:  Page 236, 4 – 13 Spelling:  Study.  Test tomorrow. Wordly Wise:  8A


Spelling:  Wkbk. 22, 198, study Spelling – test Friday Math:  Pg.  199 36,38, 39 40, 44, pg 204 28 -30 Social Studies:  Finish debate


Math:  Page 198, 4 – 18 Wordly Wise:  8C Social Studies:  WKBK. 81 Spelling:  3x each, story 14, Test Friday. Religion:  Poster due Tuesday


Reading:  Test tomorrow.  Reread story.  Study vocabulary and notes.  Worksheet, 1 – 10. Music:  Practice ten bugs, signed packet due.


Reading:  Test Friday on story Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?  Study vocabulary. ISTEP testing begins tomorrow.  Get a good night’s sleep, and eat a good breakfast!


Math:  Worksheet, pg. 194, 9, 19, 20, 22, test Thursday:  Find the LCM of two numbers, compare fractions (greater than less than, equal), order fractions (least to greatest, greatest to least) Social Studies:  Chapter test Thursday.  Read Lesson 5. Complete workbook 75. LA:  Grammar test Thursday. Present, past, and future tense verbs, complete workbook 175 […]


Science:  Test tomorrow, Chapter 6.  Continue studying notes, text, and homework pages. Spelling and Wordly Wise test Friday.


Math:  Text page 194, 27 – 34 Science:  Study Lessons One and Two.  Test Thursday.  Complete page 23 in Energy book. Social Studies:  Read Lesson Three.  Test tomorrow. Spelling:  Three times each due tomorrow.  Test Friday. Story:  Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George? Wordly Wise:  Complete 7B.  Test Friday.


Math:  Two worksheets.  Double-sided worksheet evens only. Social Studies:  Read 297 – 299 Religion:  Test tomorrow, study


Happy spring! Math:  Page 188, 16 – 23.  Worksheet.  Test Thursday. Social Studies:  Crossword.  States and capitals test next Tuesday. Religion:  Test Thursday. Study notes and Lent worksheet. Wordly Wise:  7A, 1 – 5


Math:  Page 210, 51 – 53, page 211, 20 – 22, triangle worksheet Tests next week:  Math, Thursday, Religion, Thursday, chapter 4 and Lent notes.


Math:  Worksheet, text pg. 188, 2 – 5, 8 – 15, 24 – 27 LA:  Study for Reading test.  Reread story, study vocabulary words Religion:  Lent worksheet


Math:  Two worksheets:  Geometry worksheet and worksheet 43 Social Studies:  Study.  Test tomorrow. Reading:  Reread story, study vocabulary words.  Test Friday.


Math:  Workbook 28, worksheet Reading/LA:  Pronoun worksheet.  Reading test and Grammar test Friday. Social Studies:  Workbook 67, 68.  Test Thursday.


Math:  Geometry worksheet, measure angles, and pages 182, 183, problems 21 – 28, 37 – 40, 45 – 47, and 51, 52, 57 – 60. Science:  Taxonomy worksheet Remember:  All students need a sack lunch on Monday.  We will eat at Bendix woods.  In addition, dress warmly.  Part of this field trip is outside! Tests […]


Spelling:  Test tomorrow.  Study. Math:  Wkbk. 28, wksht. 113/114, 90. Science:  Ecology worksheet


Social Studies:  Workbook 60, 61 Math:  Worksheet, both sides Spelling:  Study. Test Friday.  


Math:  Worksheet, both sides Spelling:  3x each due tomorrow.  Test Friday. Religion:  Word search, page 33 Social Studies:  Read pages 256 – 259.


Math:  Ten problems, change fractions to decimals, find the area of a trapezoid in geo packet, page 62, 1 – 5. Wordly Wise 6C All students need a cold lunch tomorrow.


Wordly Wise:  Complete 6B, test Friday Social Studies:  Test tomorrow.  Study.  Complete workbook 58, 59.  Poster and paper due March 2nd. Math:  Change the following decimals and mixed numbers to fractions:  2,378.011     2.0005      196.021       16.39       97.97     47.026      1.7     2.9     586.24       72.80 Find the prime factorization (trees) and GCF    45 & 76           38 &  24        Complete […]


Tests next week: Wordly Wise test Friday, Lesson 6. Social Studies:  Chapter test Wednesday, have rough draft edited, bring in pictures and captions for poster Spelling:  Test Tuesday!  We ran out of time today! Math:  Complete eight decimal problems and complete geometry worksheet, page 2


Spelling workbook 78 Math:  Eight problems, change decimals to fractions, parallelogram worksheet Social Studies:  Complete essays, study for test Friday, make sure you have a poster board and supplies LA:  Direct Object worksheet


LA:  Grammar worksheet, direct objects Math:  Ten problems, change decimals to fractions and simplify Social Studies:  Workbook 55 & 56, essays due Thursday, study for Chapter test Friday Make sure you bring in your poster board and typed rough draft for Social Studies tomorrow.  


Math:  Page 167, factor trees and ten problems changing decimals to fractions and simplfying. Social Studies:  States and capitals test tomorrow.  Rough draft and poster board due Wednesday.  Chapter test Friday. Spelling:  Test Friday. LA:  Grammar test Friday, direct objects


Math:  Page 167, 3, 5, 9, 10,   polygon worksheet Science:  Test Friday.  Study!!!


All students were instructed to study for next Friday’s science test this weekend! The Wordly Wise test is Monday.  We ran out of time today. 🙁    Funny how “wordly” is underlined in red! It kind of makes me crazy (idle thoughts while preparing to leave for the weekend).


Math:  Multiplication worksheet Wordly Wise:  Complete 5E, study words for test tomorrow Science:  Begin studying for test next Friday.


Math:  Make factor trees for the following numbers:  125, 30, 96, 84, 38, and 65. Wordly Wise:  Finish 5B   Test Friday Social Studies:  Continue with your research!


Wordly Wise: Test Friday, Lesson 5, start studying your words! Math: Test Thursday.  Know divisibility rules, prime and composite numbers, factor trees (prime factorization), and making lists of factors for composite numbers; complete page 163, 15, 16, 25 – 28 (lists), 29 and 30 (trees) Social Studies:  Study your national park research Science:  Test next […]


MATH:  Division worksheet, odds, wkbk. 24, 10 – 18, workbook 25, 1 – 3 Social Studies:  Test, study Reading: Test, review story, vocabulary, and cause and effect notes


Math:  Worksheet, evens only.  Complete on loose leaf paper or other side of worksheet Religion:  Test tomorrow.  Study Advent and Christmas notes and the Old Testament genealogy. Reading:  Test Friday.  Study vocabulary, review story for test

January 19, 2017

Math:  Page 172, 7 – 10, page 208, 4 – 19 Reading:  Homophone worksheet Grammar:  Verb tense test tomorrow Social Studies:  Workbook 45 – 47

January 17, 2017

Grammar:  Verb tense worksheet.  Grammar test on Friday on verb tenses. Math:  Text page 172, 1 – 6 Science:  Worksheet Parents, please sign permission slips to Penn Digital Theater!


Social Studies:  States and Capitals test on Tuesday – west region


Math:  Test tomorrow Wordly Wise:  Complete 4D, 1 – 8.  Test tomorrow. Social Studies:  Geo worksheet due tomorrow.


Science:  Test tomorrow. Math:  Worksheet, 2 – 24, evens only.  Complete on loose leaf paper or on the back of the worksheet.  Put the number with the most digits on top.


Math:  Page 127, #9, pg. 128, #18, 26, 32 pg. 140, #10 & 15, pg. 145, #49, page 146, #54     All word problems Math test Friday.   Multiply and Divide decimals Wordly Wise:  Complete 4A.  Test Friday. Science:  Test Wednesday, Chapter 4.   Study notes, text, especially highlighted text and any questions we completed.


Math:  Page 127, 1 – 9. Science:  Study for test Wednesday over Chapter 4. Wordly Wise:  Complete 4C


Social Studies:  Test tomorrow.  Study chapter and notes and essays!! Math:  Dividing decimals.   Complete page 128, 14 – 17, 22 – 25, 31 & 33 Next week we will have a Science test over chapter 4 on Wednesday and a Wordly Wise test on Friday.


LA:  Noun worksheet.  Reading and Grammar test on Wednesday. Math:  Worksheet Social Studies:  Test Friday.  Study.  Workbook 39.


Social Studies:  Chapter 4 test next Friday. Reading:  Reading and Grammar test next Wednesday. Science:  Chapter 4 test Wednesday, December 14th. Math:  Page 124, 29 – 42.


Reading:  Read story, Elisa’s Diary, page 143.  Complete questions 1 – 3 on page 157.


Math:  Textbook page 112 – 113, 1 -3, 12, 13, 35, 42 – 45 and worksheet.  Math test next Tuesday, add and subtract decimals. Spelling:  Test on Monday Religion:  Test Tuesday over Chapter 3 and the 10 Commandments   Book orders due Tuesday Bring a snack and a drink for Monday and Tuesday! Please bring […]


Math:  Page 112 -113, 14 – 21, 30 – 32, 51 – 53     Math test next Tuesday, add and subtract decimals Social Studies:  Test tomorrow, SW states Spelling:  Three times each due tomorrow, Elisa’s Diary, test Friday.   Please go to our website and sign up for a conference time!


Tests next week: Math:  Wednesday – decimals- write in standard form, expanded form, and written form, order them from least to greatest/greatest to least, compare them (greater than, less than, equal to), and state the place value positions. Wordly Wise:  Friday, Lesson 3 We have started writing our narrative today.  We will work on this […]


Social Studies:  Study.  Test tomorrow.  Workbook 29, 30 Math:  Worksheet Science:  Tow worksheets


No homework tonight. Study for the Reading test Wednesday and the Social Studies test Friday! All altar server forms need to be returned by Thursday!


Tests next week: Science:  Thursday, Chapter 3  Study notes and chapter questions Religion:  Friday, Chapter 2   Study notes and read chapter Reading:  Friday, story three, Off and Running  Study vocabulary, notes, reread story, and pay attention in class!


Math:  Worksheet, both sides Reading:  Homophone worksheet, test Friday LA:  Grammar test Friday Social Studies:  States and Capitals test Wednesday  


Study for Wordly Wise and Spelling tests. Parents:  Please see your child’s Math test.  Your child may retake the test on Friday for a better grade.  Please discuss with your child whether he/she will retake the test.


Wordly Wise:  Study at least 10 words tonight. Spelling:  Workbook 28, test Friday


Spelling:  Write spelling words 3X each.  Test Friday, Off and Running Wordly Wise:  Study at least five words tonight.  Test Thursday. Math:  Test Thursday over Chapter 2 – Algebra. Social Studies:  SE region test 10/19  


No homework this weekend. Tests next week: Math – Thursday, Chapter 2 Spelling test Friday


LA:  Half sheet dialogue assignment Math:  Workbook 7 Social Studies:  Study. Test tomorrow.  


Math:  Finish worksheet 1-5, complete worksheet with input/output tables and multiplication problems Social Studies:  Test Thursday over Chapter 2.  NO States and Capitals test! STUDY!,  Complete workbook 20 and 21. LA:  Finish dialogue worksheet.


Math:  Worksheet, both sides.  Side 1-5, 1 -24 only Social Studies:  Workbook 19, states and capitals test Thursday.


Reading:  Test tomorrow.  Review vocabulary words and reread Scene IV. LA:  Grammar test on four types of sentences, worksheet on four types of sentences, both sides Social Studies:  Workbook 18, finish four essays


Reading:  Read story A Royal Mystery.  Study vocabulary words. Math:  Complete even problems on division worksheet.  Complete worksheet A. Science:  Complete worksheet 76.


Religion:  Study for test tomorrow. Social Studies:  Workbook 17. Math:  Page 53, 11 – 22, division worksheet, odds only.  


Math:  Pg. 52, 4 &5, pg 64, 1 & 2 Religion:  Test Wednesday, study Reading:  Reading and Grammar test Friday.


Math:  Pages 38 and 39, 1 – 40, odds only.  Do not do 31 – 36. Study Wordly Wise. Social Studies:  Page one in Native American packet.


Math:  Page 24, 14 – 10, 21 – 30 Wordly Wise:  Test Thursday Social Studies:  Test Thursday, NE region states and capitals  


Social Studies:  Workbook 13 Science:  Element worksheet Math: Page 20, 14-18, 25, 26, 29-32


Math:  Finish worksheet except for 1 – 9 on the practice side. Spelling:  Workbook 16, test tomorrow! Social Studies:  NE region states and capitals test 9/22.


Science:  Study for test Thursday. Spelling:  Study words.  Test Friday. Math:  Worksheet Religion:  Textbook 79 Social Studies:  States and capitals quiz 9-22, NE region.


Math:  Three worksheets. Science:  Test over Chapter 1 next Thursday.  All students should study the notes and review the text.

September 6, 2016

Math:  Page 12, 1 – 31 Social Studies:  Complete essay questions, study for test on Thursday.


All students should complete the three essay questions for Social Studies and study for the test on Thursday, September 8th. Also, if any parents want to donate straws for science class, I would be happy to accept them!  Thanks!

August 31, 2016

Reading:  Reread story, study vocabulary words.  Test Friday. Social Studies:  Workbook 6, test September 7th. Math:  Workbook page 1

August 24, 2016

Spelling:  Workbook page 6 Math:  Rounding worksheet Science:  Finish Fahrenheit/Celsius worksheet Social Studies:  Workbook page 4

August 23, 2016

Spelling:  Study for test Friday Math:  Complete division worksheet, odds only Science:  Complete numbers 9, 10, and 11 on worksheet (5P only)

April 13, 2016

Spelling:  Workbook 270 Math:  Two worksheets, rounding, + and – fractions and mixed numbers, odd only Social Studies:  Crossword


Math:  Worksheet, page 252, 7 – 32, test Thursday, add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers Spelling:  3x ea.  Test Friday