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Social Studies 6th Grade

Roman Government Vocabulary illustrations due Tuesday 10/16 Roman Government Vocabulary Quiz- Wednesday 10/17

1860 Debate

1860 Debate will be on Tuesday, April 24 Scripts must be completed by Monday Rehearsal will be on Monday

Social Studies 7th Grade Week of 1/8

Monday- No homework Tuesday- Illustration of East Africa Geography Wednesday- No homework Thursday-  Imperialism- Berlin Conference Questions Friday- No homework

Social Studies 6th Grade Week of 1/8

Monday-  Timeline Activity questions Tuesday- Greek Colonies questions Wednesday- No homework Thursday- Athens & Sparta Text Analysis Friday- No homework 🙂

7th Grade Social Studies

Dec. 15- Quiz 11 & Chapter 13 Test Dec. 18- Quiz 12 Dec. 20- Quiz 13 Dec. 22- Quiz 14 ******Make up quizzes needed to be completed during lunch time

8th Grade Week of November 6 Social Studies

Monday- We’re Free Let’s Grow Section A, B, & C Tuesday- The Northwest Territory Map Activity & study for quiz Wednesday- Wanted a Just & Right Government Crossword Puzzle Thursday- No homework Friday- No homework  

Week of November 6 7th Grade Social Studies

Monday-  Tomb of Tutankhamen #1-10 Tuesday & Wednesday- Study for test over Ancient Egypt Thursday & Friday- Begin West Africa Unit-  No homework using West Africa Traveling Trunk