Ms. Quinn’s Blog

Week of May 14th!

Happy Mother’s Day! Tomorrow is May Crowning. Students are NOT to wear Friday shirts. Students must wear collared shirts with pants or shorts. Rocks are due Friday, May 18th.   Sight Words: they, where Poem of the Week: A Little Seed Word Family: -y Word Work: Parts of speech Punctuation Sight words CVC Real/nonsense words […]

Week of May 7th!

Mother’s Mass is Wednesday at 8:15!   Sight Words: love, friend Poem of the Week: Parts of a Plant Word Work: Parts of Speech Punctuation Sight Words Math: Place Value-Ones/Tens 2D/3D Shapes Fact Families Story Problems

Week of April 30th!

Mother’s Mass will be Wednesday, May 9th at 8:15! Sight Words: his, as Poem of the Week: My Grarden Word Family: -ake Word Work: Long and Short Vowels ABC Order Sight Words Parts of Speech Math: Measurement Fact Families

Week of April 23rd!

Sight Words: show, here Poem of the Week: Blue Sea Word Family: -ay Word Work: CVC Words Parts of Speech Non-fiction Writing Math: Graphing and Organizing Measurement Addition Facts

Week of April 16th!

We did a practice sight word spelling test. It will be sent home today in the red folder. It is very important that your child know these words moving into first grade. Please practice! Sight Words: too, day Poem of the Week: The Little Seahorse Word Family: -ing Word Work: ABC Order Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives […]