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Week of January 22nd!

Sight Words: away, by Recipe Letter: Ss- Sing a Song of Sixpence Poem of the Week: Arctic Animals Word Family: -um, -ub Religion: Jesus Teaches and Helps Us Word Work: Real/Nonsense CVC Words Number Words Nonfiction Writing- Polar Bears Math: Sort, Count, and Tally Number Match Words How Many More to Make 10 Note: January […]

Week of January 16th!

Sight Words: some, he Recipe Letter: Ee-Little Bo Peep Poem of the Week: Snowman Religion: Jesus Grew Up in Nazareth Word Family: -en Word Work: Sight Words Punctuation Writing complete sentences Singular/Plural Math: Tens and Ones Count and Tally Measurement-Length

Reading Bags

Reading bags will be coming home only a couple times this week and next. After Christmas break, we will plan on only having centers three days a week!

Week of December 11th!

Sight Words: said, good Recipe Letter: Rr- Row, Row, Row Your Boat Word Family: -ad Poem of the Week: Candy Cane Religion: The Gift of Mary Word Work: CVC Words Syllables Nonsense Words Sequence Words/Writing Math: Subtraction Addition Measurement Music Program Practice will be Friday 8:45-10:00.

Week of December 4th!

Sight Words: play, for Recipe Letter: Bb-Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Poem of the Week: Gingerbread Man Religion: God Helps Us to Discover Word Family: -ot, -od Word Work: Syllables Word Family Review Real/Nonsense Words Complete Sentences Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives Math: Addition Place Value-ones and tens Measurement- Long/Short