Light of Learning Award

The Light of Learning award is given to the diocesan teacher who is an example of Christ and lives according to what the Church teaches. The teacher is a student motivator, and is also involved in extra-curricular activities within the school, as well as being knowledgeable in subject matter and relates material well to students. In addition, this teacher is respected by students and parents, and is considered an asset to the school community. Every year, our diocese encourages parents to nominate a deserving teacher in each school and recognizes this individual during Catholic Schools Week.

Help us celebrate this year’s award recipients at a special Light of Learning Mass on Saturday, February 4th at 5pm at Christ the King Catholic Church. For more info, see HERE!


2nd Grade Teacher (13 years)
Spirituality Committee Leader


’93-’94: Pam Noonan
’94-’95: Virginia Robison
’95-’96: Penny Rimmelspach
’96-’97: Carole Keil
’97-’98: Pat Blair
’98-’99: Mary Konicek
’99-’00: Jo Massey
’00-’01: Janet Wroblewski

’01-’02: Elizabeth McGann & Carol Wroblewski
’02-’03: Lee Jolly
’03-’04: Jenny Kupfer
’04-’05: Christine Nemeth
’05-’06: Lori Harmacinski
’06-’07: Cynthia Esch
’08-’09: Mary Baldinelli
’09-’10: Kate Murphy

’10-’11: Julie Carlin
’11-’12: Matthew Kirsch
’12-’13: Tara Carey
’13-’14: Katie Flint
’14-’15: Jenelle Miller
’15-’16: Mary Gallagher
’16-’17: Maureen Terry
’16-’17: Stephen Hoffman (Principal)