Good afternoon! We were not able to complete our blogs for two days. They are now up and running!

Friday we have a  Reading test and Grammar test scheduled. I think we will be able to complete the Grammar test, but I don’t think we will have enough time to prepare for the Reading test due to Starbase tomorrow. Most likely, the Reading test will be Monday or Tuesday.

We will have a Math test next Wednesday over the following skills: Prime and composite numbers, finding the GCF of two numbers by making lists and factor trees.

We will have a Religion test next Friday over the chapters on Advent and Christmas. The students should study these chapters and their notes.

All typed rough draft narratives are due Friday. Students have been aware of this since before Christmas. I have been reminding them each day this week. All stated that they are able to type at home. I told all students that they can print their rough draft at school if necessary.

Please remember that all students need a sack lunch tomorrow!

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