Math: We will have a test next Friday over multiplying and dividing decimals and divisibility rules. We started dividing decimals today. This should not be too difficult – just bring the decimal straight up in the quotient and divide!

Science: The test was originally scheduled for Wednesday. This test is over Chapter One, Lessons Four and Five. Students should study their notes, answers in the lessons, and highlighted areas in the book. Mrs. Nemeth moved her Social Studies test to Wednesday, so I moved the Science Test to Friday. This will help us to get in another lab for the test which is always fun.

All students were instructed to take home their science and social studies books and notes to do a little studying over the weekend.

Altar server training will begin on the 10th for those students who signed up. Our scheduled time is 9:30 a.m.

The students started typing their narrative in the computer lab today. You are welcome to look at it in Google docs.

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