I started Dibels testing this week and will continue for the next week or two. NWEA testing will begin next Tuesday (I will test during our Atrium schedule with half the class at a time) and will continue the following week as well. Please try to keep your child’s sleep schedule as normal as possible as we dive into testing.

We learned a new word this week…PERSEVERE. The children are doing an amazing job with our routine (I was a little worried after 5 days off!) and have been working hard in centers! I just love their never-give-up attitude! We introduced morning tubs this week–it’s fantastic to see my students working and learning together from the minute they step into our room! Please try to drop off your child to school by 7:45 a.m. so that they have the opportunity to start their morning tub work as soon as possible. THANKS!

Our first homework packet will be sent home on Monday, so look for it in your child’s folder.


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