Test dates for this week have been changed to the following dates:

Wednesday: Reading test over story Cougars. We read the story together in class today. We will spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for Wednesday’s test. The skill is main idea and details. The Grammar test will focus on dialogue.

Thursday: Wordly Wise test, Lesson 6.

Friday: Math test. This test will focus on five skills: Change decimals to fractions and mixed numbers, change fractions and mixed numbers to decimals, compare decimals and fractions and order them from least to greatest and greatest to least, change improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions. We have practiced all of these already and will continue to work on them next week. We are working up to adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers and multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed number. Each skill learned prepares your child for the next skill. It is important to master every skill. I am available after school for extra help if your child needs it.

All narratives have been collected, and I plan to have them graded as a test score for the second semester. Whew! Twenty-nine! I look forward to good work!

Have a great weekend!



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