Spelling: 3x each due tomorrow- story 18. Test Friday.

Math: Six problems from packet due tomorrow.

Social Studies: Workbook 70

Looking ahead:    We will have two tests next week: Math, multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers. This will be our last Math test. We will work on measurement conversion the rest of the year and will draw triangles.

Reading, story 18 and Grammar test- prepositions. This will be our last Reading test. We may have a Grammar test on adjectives.

Our last Wordly Wise test will be the week of May 20th. This will be our last Wordly Wise test.

All poster supplies and pictures for The Cay will be due on Monday, May 13th.

We will have one more Science test on Astronomy most likely scheduled the week of May 27th.

We will have on more Religion test. We have already started notes. Test date to be announced.

We started our third paragraph for our research paper today. I’m trying to find lab time this week to start typing a rough draft. Once again, the final draft is due May 28th.


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