7th Grade Artist Statement Rubric

Two artist statements are posted below the rubric.  They are for two books I made and showed in class.

Artist Statement: 20 points:

1 Name

1 Date

1 Title of your artwork

2 Medium (What items did you use to make your book…for example: paper, glue, painted paper…) List all items.

11 Explanation: Explain why you did what you did when you made your book.  Graded based on thought quality, sentence structure, spelling and effort.

1 Typed/printed

2 Tidy: not bent, not dirty

1 Single spaced paragraph


Artist Statement Sample

Artist: Eileen Dimino

Year: 2000

Title: Address Book

Medium: Paper, Stickers, Thread, Glue


As a child I had a sticker collection.  It was pages and pages of stickers in a binder, organized however I saw fit each day.  Perfect for trading with the neighbor girl. I always envied my grandmother. She had a ton of stickers with her name and address on them.  Little did I know that these were “freebies” from organizations that were asking for a donation in exchange for her personalized address labels.  When I was in college I was excited to get my very first labels in the mail. I now had something even more in common with the woman I admired so much.  When my grandmother was cleaning out her desk she “donated” these stickers to me. I knew it needed to be incorporated into a project, and this book was born.  It’s reminiscent of my sticker album (as it is a book) while also symbolizing how I was becoming like my grandmother as I grew up.


Artist: Eileen Dimino

Year: 2000

Title: Pain

Medium: Paper, Thread, Dried Roses


This book comments on the juxtaposition of pain.  The soft cover is inviting, but the pointed words threaded with a needle are sharp and cold.  The contents suggest a life that has been lost, or perhaps a love that has been lost. A flower that was once soft, sweet smelling and shared with love has been dried, flattened and pierced with a needle and thread, confining it to the hard paper pages.  Thoughts of flowers are usually of sunshine and love, but in this book the flower is trapped and crushed and encourages thoughts of sadness and…pain.


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