8th Grade Writing 2

Writing assignment: 30 points total (Use middle school heading)

Topic: Art/Graffiti

Due Date: Wednesday October 17th

Structure: 14 points

*6-8 Sentences

*Double spaced and Typed

*PRINTED (Not emailed)

Writing: 16 points

*Topic sentence – clearly states your position/opinion and tells me what question you are answering.

*Body – Develop your opinion. Do NOT give a laundry list of reasons why you support your opinion. Choose one reason that supports your opinion and DEVELOP it. Include writing that clearly reflects your opinion/supports your position.

*Concluding sentence – Should restate your topic sentence in different words


TOPICS ABOUT STREET ART/BANKSY…pick ONE and write your paragraph. 

*Should Banksy’s artwork be available for purchase?  Why or why not?

*Is the recently “self destructed” art MORE valuable because it’s been “transformed” by the artist?  Yes or no?

*Is graffiti (the illegal kind) considered artwork?  Yes or no?

(Click on the picture to view the news topic about Banksy and this piece of artwork that self-destructed at the auction.)

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