A Bowl Full of Mr. B and Buttons

Mr. B visited our classroom and what fun it was! He had us sorting buttons, examining animal bones and working on our upper and lowercase B’s and the number 3 – what is similar about the capital B and a 3 … hint … add a vertical line to the 3 and it becomes a capital B! We made a BAT craft which are decorating our room for the Halloween party next week. Our WOW words were: community, bustling, neighbor, interact and dash.

We started a new theme for the next month … OUR COMMUNITY.  This week, we talked about the places in our community … our school, the grocery store, the fire station, the library, the post office and all the other places that make up our community. We talked about roads, maps and different means of transportation. We had a visitor talk to both PreK classes about fitness, nutrition and the importance of being active – thank you for your visit!

We compared objects this week in Math – classified them by their characteristics … short/tall – full/empty – hot/cold and so on! They caught on quickly and had fun finding things in the classroom to compare and describe.

Next Week: Mr. K will introduce the class to his letter and sound. Also, we will be talking about community helpers and we will have some additional classroom visitors to talk about their job and how it helps the community. We will be attending All Saint’s Day school mass on Thursday, November 1st at 1:45pm – we will be in the cry room on the side of the altar.

Dates to Remember:

  • October 29th – Early Dismissal at 2pm
  • October 30th – Halloween Party
  • November 1st – All Saint’s Day Mass at 1:45pm
  • November 9th – Early Dismissal at 2pm
  • November 12th – No School
  • November 16th – Scholastic Book Orders Due
  • November 19th – Parent/Teacher Conferences

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