Meet the Priests

Fr. Steve LaCroix, CSC

Rev. Stephen Lacroix, CSC, returned to Christ the King as Pastor in 2015, having previously served here from 2007-2010.  Prior to returning to Christ the King, he served as the Rector of Old College, the undergraduate seminary for the Congregation of Holy Cross.  Father Steve is originally from Houston, Texas, and was ordained in 2008.

Fr. Michael Belinsky, CSC

Rev. Michael Belinsky, CSC, ordained in 1989, has served in parish ministry as associate pastor and pastor and also as a campus minister at the University of Portland, Oregon.  He was assigned to Christ the King parish in December 2013 as an Associate Pastor.  Originally from Billings, Montana, Fr. Michael enjoys classical music, Russian novels, and chickens.

Father Michael Palmer, CSC

Rev. Mr. Mike Palmer, CSC, began serving the people of Christ the King in July 2016 and was ordained a transitional deacon in August 2016. A native of Detroit, MI, Father Mike enjoys singing and playing hockey; he is also an Army Chaplain. Father Mike was ordained to the priesthood in April 2017.