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Welcome to the Teachers’ Blog home page! This is a one-stop, information hub for your child’s teachers. Here you can find up-to-date homework assignments, classroom happenings and other class information. Different teachers use different methods of communication, so please make sure to check with your child’s teacher for his or her preferred method of communicating important information to you.

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Mrs. Fenske (Pre-K)

Mrs. Rolinski (Pre-K)

Mrs. Greve (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Grunawalt (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Bokhart (1st Grade)

Mrs. Springstead (1st Grade)

Mrs. Imus (2nd Grade)

Miss Kearney (2nd Grade)

Mrs. Helm (3rd Grade)

Mrs. Wanecke (3rd Grade)

Mrs. Jolly (4th Grade)

Mrs. Terry (4th Grade)

Mrs. Nemeth (5th Grade)

Mrs. Pawlak (5th Grade)

Ms. Burmeister (Science)

Mrs. Ramesh (Social Studies)

Mrs. Baldinelli (Mathematics)

Mrs. Glenn (Language Arts)

Ms. Wroblewski (Language Arts)

Mrs. Esch (Religion)

Mrs. Dimino (Art)