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Friday, students came home with their published books. They were SO excited I’m sure they immediately shared it with you. This will be the last week of spelling, vocabulary and reading tests. We will not be covering the last two weeks of words. Reading comprehension: similes (comparing two unusual items with as or like) Ex: the […]

Week of 5/13/19

Students will be bringing home the permission slip for the field trip to the Mishawaka reservoir next week. They will also have a bunch of different math flash cards. Unit 6 Week 2 Reading strategy is author’s purpose: the reason WHY the author wrote the story. Spelling pattern: /aw/ au (August, at the beginning or middle of […]

Unit 6 Week 1 (5/6/19)

Wednesday is Mother’s Day mass at 8:15. Please bring your child to class and drop off all their belongings. Then, walk over for mass. Afterwards, Mrs. Dimino will be taking pictures by the Mary statue/bench. After your picture is taken, please come join us in the classroom for a light “tea.” Your child may dress up […]

Week of 4/29 & Mother’s Day Tea

I submitted our book for publishing before Easter break so we should have our copies before Memorial Day. The kids worked so hard and are so proud of their accomplishments. Unit 5 Week 5 Spelling pattern /oi/: oi (if sound is at the beginning or middle of word/syllable), oy (if sound is at the end […]

Week 4/15 – 4/26

Because we have two four day weeks with a field trip this Tuesday, we have decided to “spread” Unit 4 Week 4 over these 8 school days. Spelling pattern: ou as in ouch, ow as in clown. Unfortunately, there is not a rule for when to use which one. Students will just need to memorize […]

Week of 4/8/19

Looking ahead: we have scheduled a Center for History field trip on Tuesday 4/16. We will visit the museum and the Oliver Mansion. Students are asked to pack a disposable sack lunch that day. We will also be allowed to have 5 parent volunteers. If you are interested, I am planning to take the first […]

Week of 3/25/19

This is the last week before spring break and we have an early dismissal on Friday. We will be having a “normal” school week. The spelling pattern is the /er/ sound made with er, ir, ur (ex: fern, bird, burn) In reading and writing, we are covering shades of meaning. For instance, what is a […]

Week of 3/18

Reminder, Tuesday is Father’s Day mass at 8:15. Bring your child to drop off their belongs and then head straight over to the church. Please walk them back to the classroom after the service. This week we’ll be focusing on multiple meaning words using context clues (right: direction, right:correct) and irregular plurals (man/men, child/children, goose/geese) […]

Week of 3/11/19

Dr. Seuss Make up date: Wednesday, March 13, 8:00 – 8:30. This date and time are only for the 6 students who were unable to attend today because of illness. Also, because of the number of students who missed so many days of school this week, we have decided to make next week a review […]

Week of 3/4/19

Ooops, as I was teaching this morning and realized that I never sent my email. This week we are learning the third sound of y. Students are coming home with a chameleon paper identifying the four rules (we will only be focusing on the three). y at the beginning of a syllable will be the […]

St. Joseph County Soil & Water Conservation Service Partner

So it looks like we’re going to finally be able to meet with our service partner tomorrow and will be building our compost. We’ll be learning what types of food we should add for worm food too.  So……. if you have any old fruits, vegetables, or newspaper, please send them with your child tomorrow.  I’m so […]

Week of 2/11/19: Black History Month

We will continue to learn about important African American people from 0ur history. This past week we learned about specifically Rosa Parks (bus boycott), Wilma Rudolph (suffered from polio as a child and became the fastest female in the world, winning 3 Olympic gold medals in 1960) and of course Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. […]

Valentine’s Day & Dr. Seuss

Valentine’s Day is next week Thursday. In preparation, the following items should be done at home and brought to school on 2/14. Decorate a bag or small box (shoe/cereal size) with an opening for cards. Valentine’s cards for 25 students.  Your child should sign all their giving cards at home. Do NOT put other students […]

Week of 2/4/19

Next week Tuesday (2/5) will be the 100th day of school. Some students have already begun bringing in their “100? estimation station” items. Please just make sure to have them here no later than Tuesday…. Monday would be better. Also, students are asked to wear 100 items. This is NOT a jean day. Students will […]

Friday 2/1

As indicated in an earlier email, students can pick any “dress” day tomorrow. In addition, I am still going to allow students to bring their favorite animal/lovie &/or book(s) for the “Drop Everything and Read.”  So at some point, we will spend 30 minutes reading. We also have “first Friday’s” adoration. The 100th day of school […]

Adjustments to schedule 1/23 – 2/1

Because of the short week, 2-hour delay and next week Catholic’s school week, we will have the following adjustments to the schedule. All Unit 4 Week 1 homework will still be due this Friday. Next week, we will NOT have a Think-Tac-Toe. This Friday, we will still take the spelling test for Unit 4 Week […]

Week of 1/07/19

This week will be the Unit 3 Week 4 word list. Skills: we will review the rules for soft c (/s/) & soft g (/j/) when the NEXT letter is e, i, or y. We will also be examining multisyllabic words and looking for different syllable types: closed (ONE vowel followed by at least one […]

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to say Thank you. I truly appreciate all the kind words, gifts, prayers and so much more you have all given me. Christ the King has welcomed me into your families and I couldn’t be a more happy recipient. Our class can say a full rosary using the Joyful Mysteries. We have […]

Week of 12/10/18

Unit 3 Week 3 This week’s spelling is quite challenging ~ soft c and soft g. The rule for when to use a c for the /s/ sound and g for the /j/ sound is based on the letter that FOLLOWS the sound. If the /s/ or /j/ sound is followed by the letters e, […]


Quick reminder, if you haven’t already, please return the permission slip for the Christmas program rehearsal at St. Mary’s on Dec. 20 And great news…. We have been approved to go see Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas at Wonderland Theater on Wednesday, Dec. 19. Because of the great deal they are giving us, […]

Week of 12/3/18

Remember to turn in the November “Book-It” calendar to receive a free pizza. Students should be reading 20-30 minutes per day. However, I also understand that sometimes “life” gets in the way. The goal is 5 days per week. The permission slips for the Christmas concert practice on Dec 20 came home in students’ red […]

Week of 11/26/18

Students came home with two Unit 3 word lists today. On the pink paper, you only have the Unit word list. However, on the RED paper, the Unit 3 words are on one side and the other side contains a full list of “red words” (words that must be memorized and usually do not follow […]


After break, we will begin testing students knowledge of the Apostle’s Creed. If you need another copy of the version we used, just let me know. I’d previously sent it in an email. Students should already know perfectly by heart: Sign of the Cross Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless you […]

Week of 11/12/18

Because it’s a four day week before a long holiday week/weekend off, this week will be a review week. There will not be any assigned homework (Think-Tac-Toe). Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last day to send in baby food/soup for the food pantry. We will be delivering it on our way to mass in the afternoon. […]

Music Practice & Food Pantry

Ms. Fox has asked that students continue to practice their music at home. We have missed several classes because of scheduling (early dismissal, days off, field trip….). Thank you for your continued support.   Also, the whole school is having a “food pantry” drive. First grade is bring baby food and/or soup. We will deliver […]

Unit 2 Week 5 (11-5-18)

Friday is the end of the first trimester and also a 2:00 dismissal. A parent asked me where I’m getting the vocabulary list from: The top 6 “High Frequency Words” are those listed in the Journey’s program. The bottom 10 (Reading Words) come from words used in the week’s stories and also the high frequency […]

Happy Halloween

How many ways to say THANK YOU. for Friday (Fairy Tale Day) for today (Halloween) I have never seen so much support in all my teaching years. You have been a blessing to me and know that everything has been incredibly appreciated. You are a wonderful “family” and I’m eternally grateful to have been welcomed […]

Testing days

In order to be consistent with Mrs. Springstead’s class, we switched our testing days. Thursday: Reading and Vocabulary Friday: Spelling

Unit 2 Week 4 (10/29/18)

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for Fairy Tale Day. It was such a blessing to witness your children perform for you. If you missed it, I have a few videos I can try to send. Just let me know. I am so sorry for being late. This week we are learning about […]

Unit 2 Week 3 (10/22/18)

Tuesday is the field trip to Stover’s Apple Orchard. Students need a paper bag lunch. Please do not send in regular lunch bags as it’s too hard to keep track of them. Make sure they are dressed in layers with a winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf. To get out of the weather, we only […]

Unit 2 Week 2 (Lesson 7)

Math by Thursday: later this week, we’re going to be discussing the difference between Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. Each student needs to find at least one picture depicting something they would do during each of the four times of day. Reading: Essential Question: How do animals communicate? Structural Analysis: Contraction -‘s Spelling: If  you have a […]

Blank homework templates

This paper is used for students to illustrate (and write a sentence) for vocabulary or spelling words. Sometimes this paper might come home for sequencing a story too. Students will know that. This grid paper can be used for Spelling: block letters or Vocabulary: connections. These are just a few more choices for the students […]

Red Word List

This week is only 3 days, culminating on Wednesday with “Bring a Teddy Bear to School” day. You will be bringing home a letter with regard to this day and a summary of scheduled First Grade events for the rest of the year. We will NOT be covering a “weekly” schedule. However, I thought I’d […]

Homework 10/1/18

The 4 box, double sided paper with lines is for students who choose to illustrate and write sentences for vocabulary or spelling words.

Unit 2 Week 1

Dates to remember: Tuesday 10/2: Guardian Angel Day Friday 10/2: First Friday’s Adoration Wednesday 10/10: Bring you Teddy Bear to school day. The bear should not be larger than a “regular” doll size and fit in a backpack or grocery bag. Thursday/Friday 10/11-12: No School Tuesday 10/23: projected field trip to Stover’s Orchard (Information to […]

Unit 1 Week 5

Whoops…. better late than never? In reading this week, we will be focusing on Character, Setting & Plot. For structural analysis, we are learning specifically about synonyms. We continue to review ABC order, homophones, and suffix -s. Looking ahead: Next week, students will come home with the directions for their first project: an All About […]

Unit 1 Week 4

This week, we’ll be learning how to sort words into ABC order and about adjectives. For spelling homework, students will complete 3 activities: one must be ABC order (later in the week) and then choose 2 from: rainbow, red & blue, or waterfall. Students will also complete 3 vocabulary activities, including practicing words. Turn in […]

Reading for Meaning

Today, students came home with a “fluency” passage about Sid the Pig. Students should practice reading the passage orally until it sounds fluent & with expression. When they are ready, I will have them read it for a grade on SeeSaw (no later than next week Wednesday). They will be given an emoji die to […]

Week of Sept 10, 2018

Unit 1 Week 3 Essential Question: What happens at school? Story: Curious George at School  Spelling pattern: Short o Strategy: sequencing Structural Analysis: suffix -s (plural) which can make both the /s/ and /z/ sounds Dates to remember: Thursday: Catechesis of the Good Shephard begins (after the Riley assembly). Students are expected to follow the […]

Unit 1 Week 2 words

Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling if is him rip fit pin for * what * have * look * Vocabulary High Frequency Words for * what * have * look * too he Story Words clouds crash might storm thunder come

Waterfall Words homework

This is the sample homework we did in class together, using 3 lines for letters. (Don’t know why it’s sideways)  

Week of Sept 3

Happy Labor Day tomorrow. Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend with family and friends  ~making memories. Can’t wait to see all the children’s faces on Tuesday. Friday will be the first time this year the children will visit the church for Adoration. The whole school takes part in Adoration on the first Friday […]

U1W2 Think-Tac-Toe 2

Pretty sure I fixed the survey problems: Here’s the new link Parent survey Spelling: Students will not have choice for several weeks. For this week, the only activities will be Rainbow writing Red & Blue (next week) Waterfall words (next week) Words with an asterisk mean the word is not phonetic (sound) but rather a red […]

U1W2 Think-Tac-Toe

Today, students will be bring home your first look at the “Think-Tac-Toe.” It is a double sided paper: one side is spelling & the other side is vocabulary. I have identified the 3 spelling activities and dates for their assignment over the next two weeks. (Three squares have been covered up with the list of […]

Week of 8/27 & 9/3

Let’s start with…. the first test day was an epic success. Students did an amazing job and showed great resilience. I was incredibly proud of them all. Monday, students will be bringing home their “Monday Envelope” with all their graded papers. Please review & keep these papers; then sign and return the envelope on Tuesday. […]

Friday tests/homework

How many ways to start with sorry for my utter lack of communication with you… Homework: Language Arts (LA): Initially, if I give homework on one day, it can be turned in the next day. If you have family commitments or you can’t get it done for some reason, later is acceptable. I prefer to […]

Unit 1 Week 1 (8/20/18)

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate the beginning of this new year. The spelling pattern will follow the short a pattern. The test will be comprised of 6 various short a words and 4 high frequency words. Sample spelling words: am, at, sat, man, dad, mat Spelling high frequency words: and, you, […]

First day of First Grade

Welcome to first grade! We had a very busy day getting to know each other, going to our first mass together, and starting to learn our new procedures. I truly appreciate you sharing your children with me for the school day and look forward to making many memories with them. If you ever have any […]