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7th Grade Social Studies

7W Presentations due on Wednesday 7G Presentations due on Thursday   Directions can be found on Google Classroom

6E Quiz

Feudalism quiz on Thursday 12/19 Study from your notes and reading!!!!!

8R Secret Santa

Secret Santa Gift Exchange will be on Thursday 12/19 Bring one gift under $10 wrapped with their name attached

8th Grade

Father Steve homework due on Thursday 12/19 for both classes Videos are on Google Classroom   Chapter 6 Test 8R- Thursday 8B- Friday Quizlet on Google Classroom  

Monotheistic Project

7W Project due on Wednesday 11/21 7G Project due on Thursday 11/22   Rubric is found on Google Classroom

Roman Roads

If you can contribute to help with items for the Roman Roads Assignment

6th Grade Social Studies

6E- Roman Army- poem, song, or rap due on Thursday 10/31 Roman Republic Quiz- Thursday 10/31 6B Twelve Tables Wk. sheet due Wednesday 10/30 Roman Republic Quiz- Friday 11/1  

Social Studies 6th Grade Above copy and paste link to study for quiz next week. 6E- Monday 9/30 6B-Tuesday 10/1

8th Grade English Colonies Test

This test covers the first 4 sections of Chapter 3 8R Test on Monday 9/30 8B Test on Tuesday 10/1 Quizlet link below

Social Studies Monday 9/23

6B has a quiz on Tuesday over Persian War   7G needs to complete Daily Life in Egypt by Wednesday 9/25-  check Google Classroom for link to readings   6E- Greek Government chart needs to be completed by Wednesday 9/25

Social Studies Africa Map Quiz Dates

Map Quiz 1- Morocco, Western Sahara, Central African Republic, Sudan, Eritrea, Chad, Togo (Friday, 5/17) Map Quiz 2- Nigeria, Cameroon, Egypt, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Senegal (Monday, 5/20) Map Quiz 3- Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana (Tuesday, 5/21) Map Quiz 4- Guinea, Mauritania, Benin, Somaliland, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Niger (Wednesday, 5/22) Map […]

Social Studies 6th Grade Map Quiz Dates

Map Quiz 3 Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, & Turkey on Tuesday 3/19 Map Quiz 4 Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia on Friday 3/22 Map Quiz 5 Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic on Tuesday 3/26 Map Quiz 6 Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia on 3/27

6th Grade Social Studies

Chapter 14 Test on Thursday 2/28 Study guide was given in class on Monday. Use quizlet to help study- link is on blog and Google Classroom page

7th Grade Social Studies

Ancient India Test on Tuesday, 2/26 Quizlet can be accessed from Google Classroom or link below.

7th Grade Social Studies

Middle East Quiz 5- Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan on Wednesday, December 19 Middle East Quiz 6- Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Arabian Sea, Caspian Sea, Red Sea, & Black Sea on Friday, December 21

7th Grade Social Studies

Middle East Map Quiz II on Wednesday 12/12 Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen Middle East Map Quiz III on Friday 12/14 Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia  

6th Grade Social Studies Roman Museum Project

3 Sentence Description due Tuesday, November 13 Project display due Wednesday, November 14   Students will be presenting their museum project on Thursday and Friday to the 5th grade classes. Rubric was given to students in-class on October 30