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Week of May 20th

Hello parents! Reminder: Father’s Day Luau is this Friday.  We are looking forward to seeing all the dads and dad figures as well as playing some awesome games and have great snacks.  That will start at 1:30 and go to the end of the day. RAH folders will be sent home this week.  We will be […]

Father’s Day Luau Time

Sorry that the time was not on the form that came home, but it is from 1:30 to the end of the day.  It is a dress down day for the children if they want to wear Hawaiian clothes.  It will be outside, or in the cafeteria (church basement) in the event of rain. Thanks!

Review Red Words

Hello Parents, Here are the red words the children picked out for this week’s spelling test: said hold know who Blessings!

Week of May 13th

Hello parents!  The count-down has begun!  The children are getting more and more excited as the year comes winding down. RAH folders will be sent home this week.  We will be looking story maps, and identifying the different parts.  Please have your child read and reread this book in increase their fluency, and send it […]

Amish Acres Chaperones

If you would like, we may have chaperones attend the field trip to Amish Acres on June 3. However, we are only allowed one check per group. Therefore, you need to prepay CKS (attn: Mike Selsor with a memo for 1st ~ Amish Acres) $17 per person before the trip. Then, Mrs. Bokhart will get […]

Scholastic Book Order

Good afternoon, I am putting the last book order together.  Please fill out a form online, or email me if you plan on sending in a paper order form.  Thanks!

Thank You!

I have just a couple of thanks for everyone. First, thanks to the dads who brought in the supplies needed to make our Mother’s Tea a smash tomorrow! Thank you to all of the families who were able to bring in egg cartons.  We used them today in our math lesson!  They were very helpful […]

Mother’s Day Mass and Tea

The children may dress up on Wednesday.  The dress code needs to be uniform or better, no jeans. Can’t wait to celebrate with all of you tomorrow!

Week of May 6th

Hello parents! RAH folders will be sent home this week.  We will be looking at non-fiction books this week.  Please have your child read and reread this book in increase their fluency, and send it back at the end of the week. In math, we are working on our math facts of subtracting a number […]

Mother’s Day Mass and Tea

Moms, you should have received an invitation to the Mother’s Day Mass and Tea that follows.  Please know that Mrs. Dimino has offered her services of taking pictures of moms and children in front of the statue of Mary if you wish.  After mass and photos, please come back to the classroom for a short […]

Week of April 29th

Hello parents! RAH folders will be sent home this week.  We will be looking at a character in their book and the different feelings or emotions the character goes through during the story.  Please have your child read and reread this book in increase their fluency, and send it back at the end of the […]

Week of April 22nd

Hello parents! Thanks be to God!  He has Risen!  I hope all of you got to spend some quality time with your family this Easter break.  I hope you were able to see all the preparations your child went through during Lent and saw their Lenten prayer book, their countdown to Easter, and their Sorrowful […]

Week of April 15th

Hello parents! Reminders: Tomorrow is the History Museum field trip.  Please have students bring a completely disposable lunch including a disposable drink.  Children may wear jeans and a Friday shirt on the trip. This week is Holy Week and the church has many extra activities that you and your family can attend.  Please see the […]

Week of April 8th

Hello parents! Hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break! We have a field trip to the History Museum on Tuesday, April 16th.  Please return your child’s permission slips.  We do need five chaperones to accompany us to the museum.  Please contact me if you are interested.  This will be on a first come first served […]

Week of March 25th

Hello parents! Important Reminders: This Friday is a 2:00 dismissal, and next week there is no school because of Spring Break…just in case you forgot, haha, 🙂 Wednesday, we have a special treat.  We had enough parents attend the last HASA meeting to have a pizza party!!!  At the end of the day, we will […]

Week of March 18th

Hello parents! Important Reminders: Tomorrow is our Father’s Mass, please come in with your child to drop off their coat and backpack, and then head to the church for mass @ 8:15.  After mass, please walk your child back to class.  Thank you! If you are able, please participate in our parish’s Lenten retreat today […]

Unit 5 words

Last Friday your child will bring home the Unit 5 words.  The children wrote down the expected dates for each week.  Please note that week 4 will be over a two (shorter) week period, and the date of the spelling test is written at the bottom.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you for sending in your child’s timeline!  They look great!  If you haven’t yet, please send them in on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Mass for Fathers

Hello parents, Next Tuesday, March 19, is the 8:15 St. Joseph mass for fathers. Students are asked to drop off their backpack/coat and head straight over to church with their father. After mass, please bring students back to the classroom. Thanks!

Week of March 11th (Review week)

Hello parents! RAH folders will be coming home today.  The children will be choosing their favorite something in the book this week.  Please have your child read and reread their books as much as possible.  Please send them to school at the end of the week. In math, we are introducing trading 10 pennies for […]

Week of March 4th

Hello parents! Reminder that tomorrow is a 2:00 dismissal! Friday we have the Dr. Seuss Reading Cafe from 8:00-9:00!  Please let Megan in the office know who is coming in that morning, so that she can have name tags ready that day, thank you! RAH folders will NOT go home this week.  Since we have […]

Dr. Seuss Reading Cafe

Hello parents! Hopefully yesterday you found the invitation your child made inviting one guest to come and get read to on March 8th.  Please let Mrs. Wigington, in the office, know who that guest will be so that she can prepare their name badge before hand so they will be able to check in and […]

Week of February 25th

Hello parents! RAH folders went home yesterday, with the children looking at characters in their story.  Please have your child read and reread their books as much as possible.  Please send them to school at the end of the week. In math, we are continuing our work with adding 2-digit numbers without regrouping, as well […]

Week of February 18th

Hello parents! Hope everyone enjoyed their President’s Day weekend!  Just a reminder that we do have a 2:00 dismissal this Thursday. RAH folders are coming home today, with a new topic to practice.  The children are working on nonfiction/realistic nonfiction.   Please have your child read and reread their books as much as possible.  Please send […]

Week of February 11th

Hello parents! Valentine’s Day is this week.  Just a re-cap from the previous blog: -Students may wear a red, pink, or Valentine’s Day shirt with uniform pants. -Students can bring in Valentine’s Day cards (and treats, if you wish) for their classmates.  We have 22 students in our class. -Students will make a bag in […]

Valentine’s Day

Hello parents! On Valentine’s Day, the children are allowed to wear a Valentine’s Day shirt, but they need to wear regular uniform bottoms.  Also on that day, will be making a Valentine’s Day bag in class.  If you choose, your child can bring in Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to their classmates.  We have […]

Friday, February 1, 2019

Hello parents! Since we only had Monday to prepare for a spelling and reading test, I have moved both tests to next week.  We introduce red words on Tuesday, typically, so it is not fair to test them over something I have not taught them. Please have your child continue reading their RAH books and […]

January 28th Unit 4 Week 1

Hello parents, What crazy weather we are having! We will try to stick to this schedule of lessons are best as we can.  With all the the snow and cold coming our way, we might have to be very flexible this week. Your child should have a new book in their Read at Home folder.  […]

Week of January 22nd

Hello parents, Hope everyone had a fabulous 3-day weekend!  My conference went well, and have new strategies in reading and spelling from the Orton-Gillingham Conference. Since this is a four day week your child will not have new books in their Read at Home folder.  Sorry about the confusion with the RAH folders last week.  […]

Unit 3 Week 5 – January 14th

Hello parents, I wanted to let you know that I am going to the Orten-Gillingham conference in Chicago all next week.  Mrs. Bokhart went to the training over the summer, and now it is my turn.  Mrs. Stone will take over as the teacher Monday through Wednesday and Friday, and Mrs. Litzinger will be in […]

Welcome Back!

Hello parents, Your child should have a new book in their Read at Home folder.  If you still have the folder at home, please send it in tomorrow, so your child can get their new book. Please have your child read their book as many times this week. New this week, is a sheet on […]

December Book It

Please make sure to turn in December Book It this week!  We will send home a Book It for January before break.  

Week of December 17th

Hello parents, You child should have a new book in their Read at Home folder.  Please have your child read their book as many times this week, and return the book on Thursday or Friday so that I can give them a new book in January. In math, we are still working on identifying even […]


Hello parents, I am sending the religion books home this weekend.  There is no homework that needs to be completed, but some parents wanted time to study with their child at home.  We will be taking the Chapter 6 test on Monday so you can look over the chapter and the chapter review we completed […]


Hello parents, Don’t forget that the Economic Mall is tomorrow.  Our class will be shopping at 9:05 tomorrow morning.  It is up to you whether you would like to send in money for your child to spend.  Things  will cost anywhere between 50 cents to $5ish.  Thank you for supporting our 8th graders in there […]


Unfortunately, the copier was not working today, so the spell papers did not get copied.  I will send them home tomorrow. Journey’s book, read How Leopard Got His Spots, and talk with them about the beginning, middle, end.  I gave each child a sticky note, so it should be easy to find the story.

Unit 3 Week 3

Hello parents, You child should have a new book in their Read at Home folder.  Please have your child read their book as many times this week, and return the book on Thursday or Friday so that I can give them a new book. In math, we are counting dimes and by 10s now.  We […]

Last Call for Scholastic

Hello parents! Tomorrow is morning is the last chance for December book order. Remember, your child gets a FREE BOOK without any other order!  Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Litzinger, and I got a gift coupon for each child, so your child can pick any book ($5 or less).  Please send in your child’s choice tomorrow morning. […]


Quick reminder, if you haven’t already, please return the permission slip for the Christmas program rehearsal at St. Mary’s on Dec. 20 And great news…. We have been approved to go see Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas at Wonderland Theater on Wednesday, Dec. 19. Because of the great deal they are giving us, […]

Scholastic Book Orders

Hello parents! I want to let you know that I am extending the due date for the book orders to this Friday morning, December 7th.   If I have not received a paper or online order by then, I will ask your child to pick out their own book before I place an order.  If you […]

Unit 3 Week 2

Hello parents, You child should have a new book in their Read at Home folder.  Please have your child read their book as many times this week, and return the book on Thursday or Friday so that I can give them a new book. In math, we have a Fact Assessment tomorrow, and a Written […]

Friday, November 30th

How is it December tomorrow?! This year is flying by!  Just a heads up, your child will be bringing their religion book home over the weekend to study/look over chapter 5.  They all have a sticky note on the study guide page we did today in class.  They will be having a chapter 5 test […]

Scholastic Book Orders

Hello parents! Today I am sending home Scholastic Book Orders.  For this month, each child will be able to pick out one FREE book (worth $5 or less) from these catalogs as a gift from Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Litzinger, and myself.  You can send in the order form in the back of the catalog to […]

Unit 3 Lesson 1 Week

Hello parents, I hope you found your child’s reading at home folder in your child’s backpack.  Please fill in the reading log for how many times your child reads that book this week.  Please send the folder with the log and the book back Friday so we can get a new book for next week. […]


Hello parents! Last week we learned about and said an entire rosary (a decade a day) and learned about the joyful mysteries.  Please ask your child about the five different mysteries.  We will be reviewing them periodically until Christmas.  From there we will move on to the Luminous mysteries after the Christmas break. This week […]

Food Pantry Drive

Hello parents, We are collecting school wide to help restock the food pantry at Christ the King.  The 1st graders are asked to bring in baby food and/or soup for the drive.  We will be collecting them from now until November 14th (next Wednesday).  We will be dropping them off before our all school mass […]

Saint Books

Please see your child’s folder for an order form for the saint book your children have written.  You do not need to purchase a copy of the book, but in order for the classroom to get a free hard cover copy, I need each order form to be returned.  There is a part where you […]

Book It

A Book It paper was sent home last week.  Please use this sheet to record the books your child reads each month, and have them rate the book as well.  At the end of each month, please send in the completed sheet.  Your student will receive a coupon to Pizza Hut for a free personal […]

Halloween Clothes

Tomorrow the children are allowed to wear a Halloween shirt and jeans if they would like.  Sorry, no costumes. Thanks!

Fairy Tale Day!

Wow!  What a fabulous Fairy Tale Day!  The children had a blast!  They loved sharing their plays and their song with their family. The parade was so fun.  I think the other children in the school enjoyed seeing the parade as much as your children loved being in it!  After that, we came back to […]

Fairy Tale Day Tomorrow!

Please don’t forget about Fairy Tale Day tomorrow.  A reminder was sent home in the red folder tonight.  We will start our plays right after prayer!  I can’t wait to share all the special things we have been preparing for!

Field Trip tomorrow

Don’t forget that tomorrow is our field trip to Stovers Farm.  Children can wear jeans and a Christ the King shirt.  Please have your child dress for the weather.  We will be outside most of the day, so have them dress warmly. If you are coming along on the field trip meet at the school […]

Saint Paper

Every child has been given a saint to learn about for All Saint’s Day and a book we are publishing.  We have done most of the work at school during class and during computer lab time.  The children have one last thing to do.  They need help finding one cool fact about their saint.  They […]

Fairy Tale Day

IMPORTANT!!! Parents, if you plan on coming in to participate with your child during Fairy Tale Day on Friday, October 26, please email Megan Wiginton in the office.  She will need to prepare all the visitor tickets before Friday.  If you do not email her, you might miss out on your child’s performance, waiting for […]


Hello parents! Today Quinn, Lincoln, and Mason presented their posters today.  The children also learned the importance of writing commas in a series.  That the sentence, “I love cooking, my dogs, and my family,” was much better than, “I love cooking my dogs and my family.”  I made sure that the children knew that commas […]

Stovers Farm

Don’t forget we have our apple field trip next week, Tuesday, October 23.  Just a reminder we will be leaving school with our 4th grade buddies around 10:00.  If you signed up as a chaperone you can either meet at Christ the King and follow the bus over, or you can meet us at Stovers […]

Music Packets

Hello parents.  Thank you for returning the music slips so quickly!  If you only sent the first page back could you please send the packet back to school with your child?   The children will be practicing using those packets in school.  The whole packet will be sent home for further practice later.  Thank you so […]

Reader’s Theater

Today we did our first read through of our Reader’s Theater for Fairy Tale day.  The children will bring home their scripts later to practice at home.  Make sure to ask your child what story they are in and what character they are playing!


I hope you all had a restful Fall Break! Now we are getting back into our routine.  I forgot to send home the spelling list today (it will be sent home tomorrow) but the words can be found on the Unit 2 master list. Thank you for sending in the All About Me posters.  Mary […]

Short Week

Hello parents! Since we have a short week this week, we will not have a spelling test or reading test.  Instead, we will be having fun with a math book, and celebrating Teddy Bear day on Wednesday.  Your children will be bringing home a letter to give you more details about this special day.  Please […]


If you are ordering books online from Scholastic this month, there is a special code for orders of $25 or more.  Enter the code READS to pick a free book up to $5.

Oct 2nd, 2018

Today we celebrated the Feast of the Guardian Angel.  Thank you to our room moms who sent in a special snack for us, angel food cake.  It was delicious! The children drew a picture of what they think their guardian angel looks like and said a pray to them.  We have hung our angel pictures […]

Oct 1st, 2018

October already?! I can’t believe it!  We are starting in our second unit in our Journey’s reading series.  In unit one, the children were assessed on the story in the Journey’s book that we read in class, at home, and have talked about in class.  Starting with this next unit, the children will be given […]

First full week!

Hello parents! It was so exciting to meet you at Back to School Night last Tuesday!  The children worked so hard this week.  They worked on nouns, /sh/ words, and short a.  They all did wonderful on their spelling test, and even earned an extra recess today. In math, they worked on forming their numbers, […]