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Middle School Science Week of 3/25

6- Monday: Rocket demonstration, notes on rockets and satellites Tuesday: Space videos, notes on space technology, probes, and Apollo missions Wednesday: Open-Notes Quiz over Lesson 2, Recent and Future Space Missions Thursday: Looking for life in space, study guide due Friday (Ch 5 Test will be Thursday, 4/11) Friday: Study Guide answers, Building a Moon […]

Middle School Science Week of 3/11

6- Monday: Check on Radish Lab, Biome Disaster Prevention Activities (due Tues if not finished) Tuesday: Practice Test Wednesday: Review Game Thursday: Chapter 10 Test Friday: Introduction to Space! Review electromagnetic waves, discuss earth telescopes 7- Monday: Finish microscope lab, photosynthesis article (7G, due Tues if not finished), Video (7W) Tuesday: Practice Test Wednesday: Review […]

Middle School Science Week of 3/4

Sorry for any inconvenience, but I’ve been sick on Monday and Tuesday! This threw our schedule off a bit, but this is what I have planned for the rest of the week: 6- Monday: Finish aquatic biome notes, Ocean Ecosystems Lab Tuesday: Read Lesson 3 of Chapter 10, Invasive Species Worksheet (due Wed) Wednesday: Lesson […]

Middle School Science Week of 2/25

Have a great week everyone! 6- Monday: Finish biome chart Tuesday: Start Surviving a Biome Project (define and design) Wednesday: Finish Surviving a Biome Project (build and evaluate) Thursday: Fill out aquatic biome chart Friday: Review and watch videos for aquatic biomes 7G- Monday: Cell Stations- Cell coloring page due Thursday Tuesday: Start Cell Analogy […]

Middle School Science Week of 2/19

6- Tuesday: Practice Test, finish ecosystem project Wednesday: Review Game Thursday: Chapter 9 Test Friday: Discuss types of biomes, explore the desert 7- Tuesday: Construction paper cells Wednesday: Finish construction paper cells, notes on passive transport Thursday: (7W only) Demonstration about passive transport, notes on active transport Friday: Chapter 14 Lesson 2 Quiz, finish transport […]

Middle School Science Week of 2/11

6- Monday: Finish Population Relationship stations from last week Tuesday: Changing populations activity, receive study guide (Due Wednesday) Wednesday: Go over answers for the study guide, articles and graphs on population changes Thursday: Last day to work on ecosystem project (due Monday) Friday: Practice Test The Chapter 9 Test will be next Wednesday, 2/20 7- […]

Middle School Science Week of 1/28

I’d once again like to congratulate all the students who participated in the science fair- it was a huge success! And thank you to all the parents and guardians for helping the students complete their projects. This schedule is based on the assumption that we will have school every day this week, but it may […]

6th Grade Science Test Moved to Monday

Because of the 2 hour delay this morning, the 6th graders did not get to have science class. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will have our practice test, Friday we will still be going to the science fair, and the test will now be on Monday. Happy studying!

Middle School Science Week of 1/21

6- Monday: No School Tuesday: Review game for test Wednesday: Practice Test (The time 6B has to complete the practice test will be cut short due to testing the website for ILEARN) Thursday: Chapter 8 Test Friday: See projects at the Science Fair The best tool the students have to study for their test is […]

Middle School Science Week of 12/10

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Advent, and having fun in their Christmas preparations! These are my plans as of now- as many of you know, on Wednesday we will be meeting with our Faith Families and on Thursday the Employee Christmas Luncheon is happening, so these may affect some schedules. 6- The sixth graders […]

Middle School Science Week of 11/26

Hope everyone had a restful and peaceful Thanksgiving! 6- On Monday we talked about things that affect the speed of sound waves, and began our discussion about how the ear transforms vibrations into sounds as we understand them. 6B received a worksheet that will be due on Tuesday, and 6E will receive this worksheet on […]

Middle School Science Week of 10/29

Ready for a great week! 6th- On Monday we reviewed mechanical waves and talked about electromagnetic waves. On Tuesday we will read an article about tsunamis, review for a Chapter 3 Lesson 1 Quiz on Friday, and work on the Chapter 3 Lesson 1 outline. If this is not finished in class, it will be […]

Middle School Science Week of 10/22

Hi everyone! 6- On Monday, the 6th graders finished up the review game that we started on Friday and wrote themselves study guides for the test on Thursday. Tuesday, we took a practice test and went over the answers together. On Wednesday I will answer any final questions about the test, and there probably won’t […]

Middle School Science Week of 10/15

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful long weekend, and got to take a nice break in  your schedule. Here’s what’s coming  up for the week! 6th: Monday we reviewed different types of energy and talked about how energy can change from one form to another. Tuesday we will discuss how we use energy […]

Middle School Science Week of 10/1

Hello hello, I hope you’re ready for another great week! 6- On Monday we reviewed the types of energy and looked at different objects to identify what kinds of energy they had. Tuesday, we will be doing the Language test for NWEA, so there is no actual science class on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will […]

Middle School Science Week of 9/23

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great week so far- sorry for the late post! 6th- On Monday, we completed Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration stations to reinforce our knowledge about how speed, velocity, and acceleration work and are related. Tuesday, we looked at speed vs time graphs, and worked on workbook pages 17-19. If they […]


Hello! As the students have been preparing for the test, it has become apparent to me that they could really benefit from a few more days of reviewing and practicing the material in class. For both the 7th and 8th grade, the Chapter 1 test has been moved back to Thursday, September 27th.  

Middle School Science Week of 9/17

6th: On Monday we had an open note quiz over Chapter 1 Lesson 1. Tuesday, we are learning about average speed, constant speed, and changing speed with a few demonstrations and some note taking. On Wednesday we will be looking at distance vs. time graphs, and learning how to read them and even create them […]

Middle School Science Week of 9/10

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, and is ready to go this week! All the classes are starting new content this week, which I’m very excited to dive in to! 6th: On Monday, we are spending the day correcting and reviewing our study guides for the test, and will finish class with a practice test that […]

Middle School Science Week of 9/4

Hello hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 6th: On Tuesday we are going over standard units of measurements and doing some worksheets, if the worksheet wasn’t finished in class it is homework. Wednesday is going to be measurement stations, and a worksheet is going to be assigned for homework (due Thursday). On Thursday […]

Middle School Science Week of 8/20

6th grade: Lab posters will be assigned on Tuesday, and rubrics and lab safety contracts will be handed out. They have Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s class to complete the posters. Posters will be presented on Thursday, and signed (by student and parent) lab safety contracts are due. A quiz over lab safety will be given on […]