Friday, students came home with their published books. They were SO excited I’m sure they immediately shared it with you. This will be the last week of spelling, vocabulary and reading tests. We will not be covering the last two weeks of words. Reading comprehension: similes (comparing two unusual items with as or like) Ex: the […]

Week of 5/13/19

Students will be bringing home the permission slip for the field trip to the Mishawaka reservoir next week. They will also have a bunch of different math flash cards. Unit 6 Week 2 Reading strategy is author’s purpose: the reason WHY the author wrote the story. Spelling pattern: /aw/ au (August, at the beginning or middle of […]

Unit 6 Week 1 (5/6/19)

Wednesday is Mother’s Day mass at 8:15. Please bring your child to class and drop off all their belongings. Then, walk over for mass. Afterwards, Mrs. Dimino will be taking pictures by the Mary statue/bench. After your picture is taken, please come join us in the classroom for a light “tea.” Your child may dress up […]

Week of 4/29 & Mother’s Day Tea

I submitted our book for publishing before Easter break so we should have our copies before Memorial Day. The kids worked so hard and are so proud of their accomplishments. Unit 5 Week 5 Spelling pattern /oi/: oi (if sound is at the beginning or middle of word/syllable), oy (if sound is at the end […]

Week 4/15 – 4/26

Because we have two four day weeks with a field trip this Tuesday, we have decided to “spread” Unit 4 Week 4 over these 8 school days. Spelling pattern: ou as in ouch, ow as in clown. Unfortunately, there is not a rule for when to use which one. Students will just need to memorize […]

Week of 4/8/19

Looking ahead: we have scheduled a Center for History field trip on Tuesday 4/16. We will visit the museum and the Oliver Mansion. Students are asked to pack a disposable sack lunch that day. We will also be allowed to have 5 parent volunteers. If you are interested, I am planning to take the first […]

Week of 3/25/19

This is the last week before spring break and we have an early dismissal on Friday. We will be having a “normal” school week. The spelling pattern is the /er/ sound made with er, ir, ur (ex: fern, bird, burn) In reading and writing, we are covering shades of meaning. For instance, what is a […]

Week of 3/18

Reminder, Tuesday is Father’s Day mass at 8:15. Bring your child to drop off their belongs and then head straight over to the church. Please walk them back to the classroom after the service. This week we’ll be focusing on multiple meaning words using context clues (right: direction, right:correct) and irregular plurals (man/men, child/children, goose/geese) […]

Week of 3/11/19

Dr. Seuss Make up date: Wednesday, March 13, 8:00 – 8:30. This date and time are only for the 6 students who were unable to attend today because of illness. Also, because of the number of students who missed so many days of school this week, we have decided to make next week a review […]

Week of 3/4/19

Ooops, as I was teaching this morning and realized that I never sent my email. This week we are learning the third sound of y. Students are coming home with a chameleon paper identifying the four rules (we will only be focusing on the three). y at the beginning of a syllable will be the […]