Middle School Science Week of 2/10

I would like to congratulate all of the 7th grade students on their great achievements at the Science Fair last week! It was so great to see all of their hard work and knowledge come to fruition; we had some truly awesome projects. 6B- On Monday, students will be reviewing for their test by completing […]

Middle School Science Week of 1/27

6- We are getting into our Populations and Communities chapter! We are discussing how creatures in ecosystems interact with each other and their environment. 6B will have a quiz on Tuesday (1/28) to review the Lesson 1 vocabulary, and 6E will take this quiz next Monday (2/3). To look closer at ecosystems, each student will […]

Middle School Science Week of 1/20

This week we start our rolling schedule- so make sure your student knows when they have science! Tuesday- 6B, 7W, 8B Wednesday- normal schedule, all classes Thursday- 6E, 7G, 8R Friday- 6B, 7W, 8B 6B- On Tuesday we will take notes on populations and ecosystems, and play a game to see how delicate the balance […]

Middle School Science Week of 1/13

6B- Students will get the answers to their study guide and play a review game on Monday, on Wednesday they will take the practice test, and they will take their Chapter 8 Test on Thursday. After the test we will look at communities and populations to start the next chapter. Assignments: Ch 8 Test on […]

Middle School Science Week of 1/6

Happy New Year everyone! 6- This week, we are continuing to talk about ecosystems and the living and nonliving things within them. 6E will get to begin their shrimp project, in which the students build their own ecosystems, including shrimp! 6B did this before break. Students will look at how energy moves through an ecosystems […]

Middle School Science Week of 12/16

6- This week we will be starting our new unit on biology! 6B started last week, and 6E will start this week after their test on Wednesday, 12/18. We will investigate ecosystems by building our own with aquatic plants and shrimp. We are looking at living and nonliving things, and how energy and matter move […]

Middle School Science Week of 12/9

6th- This week we are finishing up our chapter on light and sound. Students will discuss and explore the properties of light to end the chapter, then do a study guide. We will go over the study guide in class and do a review game. 6B is a little ahead of 6E, so they will […]

Middle School Science Week of 11/11

Hope you’re enjoying the snow! My B classes are behind the A classes because of days that we’ve missed, so I will discuss them separately. 6B- This week, we will start on Chapter 4. This includes discussing sound, how it travels, and how we hear. We will conduct an activity to see how pitch and […]

Middle School Science Week of 10/28

Sorry last week didn’t get a blog- between my being sick, the All School’s Mass, the Bishop’s visit, and having a day off, I didn’t know when I’d have which class or for how long! Ready for another great week though! 6- This week we will talk about wave speed and frequency of waves, and […]

Middle School Science Week of 10/14

6- 6B will have their Chapter 2 Test on Monday and 6E will have their Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday. 6E will take their practice test on Tuesday to prepare for this. When the test is over, we will begin our next chapter- waves! We will discuss and do demonstrations on transverse and longitudinal waves […]