The Earth Our Home

This week we finished up our unit on the Earth. We talked about all that the earth provides for us; food and a place to live. We talked about animals of the earth and where they live. We talked about the weather of our earth as well as the seasons. We were very blessed to […]

Dr. Seuss Week 2

Yes, we found more fun with Dr. Seuss books this week. We tried green eggs and ham on Monday. Most of us really liked them. We graphed the results and wrote a class book about eating green eggs and ham. Tuesday was bring your stuffed animal to school for “If I Ran The Zoo” day. […]

Dr. Seuss

Yes, letter Q and letter U did get married! We enjoyed the wedding ceremony, dance, and wedding cake. We learned that where you find a letter Q, U will be by his side to make the “kwaa” sound. We will surely remember what sound the letters Q and U make forever! What fun! We also […]


We attended Ash Wednesday mass this week and the children did wonderfully! They were very attentive at mass and were very quiet. We did receive ashes and they handled that with great maturity. As we begin this season of Lent the Pre-k classes are focusing in on prayer. You have all received purple crosses. Please […]


We are in full swing of our science unit. We began by talking about what science is and what a scientist does. The next two weeks we will be doing many different experiments. Today we talked about volcanoes for the letter Vv and made our own volcano explode. Ask your child all about it, they […]

Taco Party!

Dragons love tacos and so do Pre-k kiddos! In honor of our letter of the week, Tt, we had a taco party. Thank you to Taco Bell for donating tacos and cinnamon twists! Both classes came together to enjoy the book Dragons Love Tacos and Dragons Love Tacos 2 and then had our own taco […]


Happy New Year! We enjoyed celebrating the new year this week. We took a look at the calendar to see why we had a new year and realized we made it through the whole 2018 calendar and now we are beginning again with January 2019. This month we are beginning a unit on technology and […]

Staying healthy: Exercise

This week we learned to stay healthy we need to exercise. We talked about when and where we can exercise. We discovered that we can exercise everywhere in any kinds of weather. We categorized types of exercise by the season we enjoy them in. However, we did realize that many activities like swimming we can […]

Healthy Foods

This week we learned all about staying healthy by eating foods that are good and nutritious. We talked about the different food groups and how we can sort foods by dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains. We also learned that some foods are not good for us at all and we called those foods junk […]

Please and Thank You!

We began our new unit on staying healthy with a bang by celebrating manners day! Everyone looked quite exquisite in our Sunday best clothes and our manners were in perfect form. Your child is well versed in manners. We have practiced saying please and thank you. We have practiced shaking hands and introducing ourselves to […]