The Renaissance Most Wanted- 6th Grade

Project rubric was given in-class on Thursday(6B) & Friday(6E) Most work will be done in-class. The writing portion will be done in-class. If students want to print color pictures, please do so at home.   6B- Due on 2/18 6E- Due on 2/19

Social Studies 7G

Hinduism and Buddhism Quiz on Tuesday 2/4

7th Grade Social Studies

7W Presentations due on Wednesday 7G Presentations due on Thursday   Directions can be found on Google Classroom

6E Quiz

Feudalism quiz on Thursday 12/19 Study from your notes and reading!!!!!

8R Secret Santa

Secret Santa Gift Exchange will be on Thursday 12/19 Bring one gift under $10 wrapped with their name attached

8th Grade

Father Steve homework due on Thursday 12/19 for both classes Videos are on Google Classroom   Chapter 6 Test 8R- Thursday 8B- Friday Quizlet on Google Classroom