Math test tomorrow. Multiply and Divide fractions and mix numbers. The students should be more than ready. Science test Friday. The students have been studying about ten minutes each day. All have been encouraged to study tonight! LA: Worksheet, articles and adjectives – both sides (I still want to get adverbs in this year) Thank […]


All posters are complete and look terrific! I am very proud of the effort the students put into creating these spectacular posters. Do I see a family trip in the future to one or more of our magnificent national parks? Research papers are coming along. I have Wednesday and Thursday next week slotted for continued […]


Reading: Students should reread the story this evening, study their prepositions, and study the vocabulary sentences. Identify fact and opinion statements in the story for extra practice. Remember, adjectives are often opinion words. All posters are due tomorrow! I have scheduled time in the computer lab to finish the national park rough draft and create […]


Math: Complete worksheet, 19 – 30. Study vocabulary words for Reading. Review prepositions. Reread story this evening or tomorrow evening! Tomorrow: Students must wear regular school attire to the field trip tomorrow. Please remember a sack lunch. We are showing our movie in the afternoon, so students are allowed to bring an snack and a […]


Math: Worksheet, 7-18. Complete on loose leaf paper. Reading workbook, 388, write the sentences in cursive, 379, write the abbreviations only.  Study reading vocabulary words, review story for Friday’s test.


Math: Workbook 423, 1, 8. To solve 8, use problem number one to help. Workbook 424, 9 – 12. Students do not need to show a model for #9. This week: Reading and Grammar test Friday over story 18.  I moved the Math test to next week! We are just fine tuning our multiplication and […]


Spelling: 3x each due tomorrow- story 18. Test Friday. Math: Six problems from packet due tomorrow. Social Studies: Workbook 70 Looking ahead:    We will have two tests next week: Math, multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers. This will be our last Math test. We will work on measurement conversion the rest of the year […]