A Colossal Week in Pre-K

Mr. C showed the classroom his colossal cap along with the hidden letter and sound. We found a chart full of “Cc” words and just like the letter “Oo”, we had fun practicing both of their letter formation. We continue our theme of Health and Nutrition this week by talking about what food is good […]

Opposites, Opposites – Up, Down … Left, Right

We learned a lot from Mr. O this week … he taught the class about opposites, outstanding health AND I believe we have found our favorite letter song thus far! We started a new theme this week after Thanksgiving break about HEALTH and NUTRTITION – we are learning about the importance of staying healthy. We […]

Funny Feet Ms. F and Thanksgiving Fun

We had a fabulously fun week in PreK with Ms. F learning how to write her letter “Ff” and sound. We learned about what makes Ms. F special along with listing 52 words beginning with her letter. This week, we also discussed the world as our community – our conversations revolved around what makes us […]

Dazzling Dancing from Mr. D

Mr. D dazzled the class with his dancing this week – he talked to us about how we can help our community. We talked about dinosaurs and we had a delightful time on Friday “hatching” our dinosaurs from their ice eggs in class with warm water and salt crystals! We practiced making our upper and […]

Kickin’ It Up in PreK with Our Community Helpers

What a fun week in PreK! This week, we are learning about the people in our community. We had some visitors this week from the St. Joseph County Library and firefighters/paramedics from the Clay Fire Department. The librarian taught us about her job, read books to us, sang songs and showed the class all the […]

A Bowl Full of Mr. B and Buttons

Mr. B visited our classroom and what fun it was! He had us sorting buttons, examining animal bones and working on our upper and lowercase B’s and the number 3 – what is similar about the capital B and a 3 … hint … add a vertical line to the 3 and it becomes a […]

Achoo … Ms. A Arrived

Achoo … Ms. A arrived this week. She sneezes because she is happy, not because she has a cold nor allergies … and she was sneezing a lot this week in Pre-K! It was all about apples this week – we read Dr. Seuss’ 10 Apples on Top, made an apple on top craft, and […]

Roughin’ It at the Pumpkin Patch

Whew – what a wild first field trip! Through quite a bit of rain and a few stops in the rain, we had a nice time at Matthy’s – thank you to everyone! It was a quick week for us with the field trip and fall break all falling in the same week. We focused […]

Happy Hair and our Hiding Mr. H!

It was a fun week in the Pre-K! Each morning, we searched for our hiding Mr. H! He introduced us to his letter and many new words as he shared his ME bag with the class. Our WOW words this week were: belong, calm, boisterous, comfort, and support. We also learned about one-to-one correspondence with […]

Pointy Patches, Pancakes and Portraits

In school this week, we started a new theme in the classroom – All About Me. We will be talking about what makes us special, our families, our 5 senses, and personal safety. We learned about all the things that make us special. Our WOW words: unique, creative, athletic, appreciate and persistent – kicked off […]