Tuition & Financial Aid

Christ the King School is a community of students, teachers, administrators and parents who work tirelessly to educate and form the hearts and minds of our students. We would love to discuss how your family and our Christ the King family can work together to educate the leaders of tomorrow. For more information on tuition and financial aid, please contact the school office (574-272-3922) and they can answer any questions you may have.

Registration Fee: $150
This fee is used for diocesan marketing, student insurance and other administrative expenses.

Textbook Fee: $150
This fee is used for purchasing new textbooks (hardback and consumables). The actual cost of textbooks ranges from $153 to $289, depending on the grade. The following textbook fees also apply to middle school students as indicated:

  • New American Bible (6th grade): $13
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church (6th grade): $10
  • Theology of the Body (7th grade): $20

Technology Fee: $50 per student
This fee covers any new computers or software we purchase, as well as fees for PowerSchool and other technology upgrades. According to the Indiana Department of Education if we do not use the entire technology fee it must be rolled over annually for the exclusive use of technology, technology staff in-services, acquisition of equipment, and maintenance of teaching technology.

HASA Fee: $20 per family
This fee is used for partial funding of the many events run by the Home and School Association.

Activity Fee: $40 per child
This fee covers field trip fees, buses, and field day fees during the year. If there is ever a major activity requiring additional cost, the teacher will let you know what the difference will be for that field trip.

Graduation Fee: $70 per child (8th grade only)


2019-20 TUITION

Active Parishioners:

Option 1 (paid in full by August 1)

  • 1 child – $5050
  • 2 children – $8838
  • 3+ children – $11,363

Option 2 (monthly or semi-annual automatic

  • 1 child – $5100
  • 2 children – $8888
  • 3+ children – $11,413

Non-Active Parishioners:
Option 1 (paid in full by August 1): $6225 per child
Option 2 (monthly or semi-annual automatic withdrawal): $6275 per child

Pre-Kindergarten: not included in family rate
Full-day: $4925 (paid in full by August 1); $4975 (monthly or semi-annual
automatic withdrawal)

Half-day: $2875 (paid in full by August 1); $2925 (monthly or semi-annual
automatic withdrawal)
Registration: $100

Option 1: Full Payment by August 1st
Option 2: Automatic Withdrawal (Quarterly, Monthly)

The amount is withdrawn from a checking or savings account on an agreed upon payment schedule. (i.e. monthly payment is withdrawn on the 5th or 20th of each month for 10 or 12 months)

Option 3: School billing on a Semi-Annual basis (Due August 1st and February 1st)

All families that wish to apply for financial aid will need to pick up applications in the main office or from one of the high schools. This year FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment will process the applications and send reports to the parish for final determination of the amount to be granted. Those families who have children at both the high school level and at Christ the King School will need to fill out only one application. Please make sure that you mention all children and what schools they attend. If there are questions or concerns, you may call the office or the FACTS Help Line @ 1-866-315-9262.

If a change in financial condition occurs after May 1 (i.e. loss of job), a financial aid form needs to be completed and filed within sixty (60) days. In processing CKS financial Aid, we will also take into account how many children are in a Catholic school. Assistance may be lower if some children attend private, non-Catholic schools. Due to the nature of the parish school and of our financial assistance capability, only parish members are eligible for financial assistance.

For questions, please contact Amanda Jeffrey in the school office.