Tuition & Financial Aid

Christ the King Fees         

Registration Fee  $150.00  

Book Fees $150.00

Technology Fee $50.00 

Activity Fee $40.00  

Other Fees

First Seat Sacks $10.00

4th – 8th Recorder $5.00 (If they do not have one)

8TH Grade Graduation Fee $70.00 

HASA Fee $20.00 per family

**6th Grade, New Student, or if the student’s book is bad and needs replaced. 

**New American Bible $13.00

**Catechism of the Catholic Church $10.00

Theology of the Body (7th Grade Only) $20.00

Christ the King School Tuition 2020-21 

*We have Parishioner rates and non-parishioner rates/Non-active parishioners

2020-21 Christ the King Parishioner Rates:


1st Child $5,225.00  

2nd Child $3,919.00 $9,144.00  

3rd Child $2,613.00 $11,757.00  

4th Child $0.00 $11,757.00  

2020-21 Christ the King Non-Parishioner or Non-Active Rates:

 1st Child $6,400.00

2nd Child $6,400.00 $12,800.00

3rd Child $6,400.00 $19,200.00


Full day $5,100.00  

Half Day $3,300.00

Please contact Abby Doyle in the rectory for payment options.

Please contact Amanda in the school office if you are in need of financial aid.