Mrs. Dimino

6th Grade Bobble Head Rubric

Bobble Heads Head fits body, looks proportionate 10 Clay has no cracks 15 Clay construction is done well 20 Visual clues tell me what it is 15 Glazing color harmony 10 Glazing 3 coats 10 Does it bobble? 10 Originality 10 Participation/On task in Class 40 TOTAL POINTS 140

7th Grade Mandala Rubric

4 layers/centered 10 Pencil lines clean/erased 10 Design made well 20 Original idea (personal to student) 10 Colored well 20 Designs repeated radially 10 Color choice/medium choice 10 Overall composition/balance 10 Participation/On task in class 40 TOTAL POINTS 140

8th Grade Economic Mall Poster Rubric

Each worth 5 points: Printed Names are on front 2 Fonts only Fonts are easy to read Store name listed Pictures of items Prices clear and easy to read Overall easy to read/clear design Clean pictures Tagline Total 50 points. Due Friday December 7th.

You Can Lend a Hand

You Can Lend a Hand

Attached is a PDF of the rubric and guidelines.  DUE NOVEMBER 9TH!  Logos are below the rubric! Here are the logos for the poster:

8th Grade Writing 2

8th Grade Writing 2

Writing assignment: 30 points total (Use middle school heading) Topic: Art/Graffiti Due Date: Wednesday October 17th Structure: 14 points *6-8 Sentences *Double spaced and Typed *PRINTED (Not emailed) Writing: 16 points *Topic sentence – clearly states your position/opinion and tells me what question you are answering. *Body – Develop your opinion. Do NOT give a […]

7 and 8 Grade Writing Rubric

Writing assignments: 30 points total Structure: 14 points *6-8 Sentences *Double spaced and Typed *PRINTED (Not emailed) Writing: 16 points *Topic sentence – clearly states your position/opinion *Body – Develop your opinion.  Do NOT give a laundry list of reasons why you support your opinion.  Choose one reason that supports your opinion and DEVELOP it.  […]

Middle School Due Dates

6E Landscape painting – due 9/11 at end of class 6B Landscape painting – due 9/17 at end of class 7G Tessellation due 9/18 7G Writing #1 due 9/11 7W Tessellation due 9/19 7W Writing #1 due 9/13 8B Writing #1 due 9/11 8B project due 9/25 8R Writing #1 due 9/13 8R project due […]

Scholastic Art (& Writing) 2018-2019

For 7th and 8th graders only: Scholastic Art & Writing 2018-2019 Art Categories: Architecture & Industrial Design Ceramics & Glass Comic Art Design Digital Art Drawing & Illustration Editorial Cartoon Fashion Film & Animation Jewelry Mixed Media Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture Video Game Design Art Portfolio (graduating seniors only) Writing Categories: Critical Essay […]

6, 7, 8th Project Rubrics

We are off and running with our first projects.  Below are the rubrics for the current middle school projects. 6th Grade: Nature Landscape Tints 6th Grade 7th Grade: Tessellation Rubric 8th Grade: 50 object rubric list