Mrs. Glenn

May 23, 2019

7th- Ch. 13-14 for Friday, finish RSG for Tuesday 6th- finish ROT for Tuesday

May 22, 2019

7th- Read ch. 12, preposition quiz tomorrow, finish essay- due tomorrow printed, no staples 6th- Read ch. 11 *All- AR ends 5/31

May 21, 2019

7th- Read ch. 11, work on essay, practice prepositions- quiz Thursday. 6th- Finish characterization chart, and read ch. 10.

6th Grade May 15

6th- finish the WW puzzle in the book, the grammar worksheet if not already turned in, and ONLY the chart side of the Roll of Thunder worksheet for Thursday

May 13, 2019

7th- WW17-20 Test Friday-STUDY!, Read chapters 3 and 4 of Red Scarf Girl for Tuesday 6th- WW17-20 Test Friday-STUDY!, finish ch. 5 Cassie chart