Mrs. Glenn

February 11, 2020

7G- WW14 Quiz Wed., propaganda projects due Wed. (We will start presenting tomorrow. Be ready!), DO/IO review sheet 6B & 6E- WW14 Quiz Wed., choose 3 STRONGEST pieces of text evidence for tomorrow (beginning, middle, end)

February 10, 2020

7G- WW14 sentences due tomorrow, propaganda projects due Wednesday 6B & 6E- WW14 sentences due tomorrow, finish thesis practice sheet

January 31, 2020

7G- WW 13 A-D due Monday, finish propaganda matching game if not turned in 6B & 6E- WW 13 A-D due Monday

January 22, 2020

7G- keep thinking of differences between The Outsiders movie and book for tomorrow 6B and 6E- Read ch. 17 & 18 for tomorrow (Thursday)

January 21, 2020

7G- Study WW 9-12 (test tomorrow) 6B & 6E- Read ch. 16 and look for Signposts, Study WW 9-12 (test tomorrow)