CKS In-House Lunch Program

Mrs. Linda Kush, Lunch Program Coordinator

Each student eats lunch with his/her class. Due to security concerns, we operate a closed campus for our student lunch program. With the cooperation of the federal government, Christ the King School provides a subsidized lunch program.

Order forms for lunch are sent home in the communication folders once a month. The order forms must be returned on the specified date. Students may also bring their lunches from home. Milk is available for purchase ($0.50) on a daily basis and can also be ordered individually through the lunch order forms.

Due to Federal guidelines, carbonated soft drinks are not permitted during lunch. We also discourage parents from bringing in or sending their children to school with fast food meals and similar items. These occasions cause a disruption at the lunch table.

Charged Lunches

When it becomes necessary to charge a lunch, the lunch must be paid for within a reasonable amount of time. Charges should never exceed $10.00.