Dr. Seuss Week 2

Yes, we found more fun with Dr. Seuss books this week. We tried green eggs and ham on Monday. Most of us really liked them. We graphed the results and wrote a class book about eating green eggs and ham. Tuesday was bring your stuffed animal to school for “If I Ran The Zoo” day. We also made a zoo creature. Wednesday we wore crazy socks and read the tongue tying book, “Fox In Socks”. Thursday was pajama day! We made a sleepy creature and enjoyed the “Sleep Book”. Our grand finale was Horton Hears a Who day. We made structures to protect our eggs. It was a fun engineering project! Thanks for sending in all our supplies!

We enjoyed our Father’s Day Mass on Tuesday. Thank you to all the dads and father figures who were able to join us! It is always a memorable event. Also in Religion this week we made a Prayer Wheel. We talked all about the different times of the day we can pray and the different places we can pray in. The Prayer Wheel will remind us of different times we can pray. Keep those Crosses coming in. Our bulletin board is filling up fast!

Next week we will introduce our last letter, Xx. Please continue to review letter names and their sounds with your children. Our next unit is Our Earth Our Home which we will begin after spring break.

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