Friday tests/homework

How many ways to start with sorry for my utter lack of communication with you…


  • Language Arts (LA):
    • Initially, if I give homework on one day, it can be turned in the next day. If you have family commitments or you can’t get it done for some reason, later is acceptable. I prefer to have it all turned in BY Friday. However, I will always accept it.
    • When planning out the homework in the future, just know that Spelling & Vocabulary tests will be on Thursdays, and Reading tests will be on Fridays. (aka, if you don’t do it until Saturday ~ it won’t help you much for the test)
      • (haven’t started the Vocabulary yet…. give me another week or two)
    • Remember, eventually you will be given choice activities on Monday to choose from for the rest of the week.
    • Reading workbook pages: I just discovered this great resource the other day and thought I’d give it a try. We did one “noun” page in class and thought it would be a good review for students before the test.
  • Math:
    • Always secondary to the Language Arts because it’s a review of what we did in class. I’m not as concerned with that ~ I can see the struggling/mastery more easily in their class work.


  • This week: We’ll cough it up to “anything goes.” I will give the tests and if it is an epic fail, I will toss it all out. This is first grade and I most definitely don’t want to stress anyone out.


Because next week is only three days and the following week is only 4 days, we will be taking the two weeks to cover the material…. Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling test will be on Thursday, Sept 6 and Reading test will be on Friday, Sept 7

Thank you to all the parents who reached out to me, asking for clarification. I can see that I definitely need to do a better job.

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