This week we talked all about getting along with others. We learned the “golden rule”, treat others as you would like to be treated. Our letter people each week also give us good lessons on how to act at school. This week they talked about sharing. We have been learning strategies to handle situations when we want a toy someone else has. We have learned sharing, setting a timer, asking to have it when they are finished, and trading are good strategies.

Our letter this week was Nn. We were introduced to the letter Nn puppet. We found his hidden letters, danced to his song, and made a list of words that begin with the letter Nn. We are learning the letter sounds along with the name of the letter. Please reinforce the letter and sound at home. We made a Noah’s Ark craft and listened to Noah’s story. We learned the vocabulary word “pairs” this week. The animals went into the ark in pairs.

We are continuing our unit on colors with a couple of experiments this week. We began by making a rainbow with paper towel, cups, and food coloring. Your child came home with an illustration of our experiment. I hope you had some good discussions about it. We also did a skittle experiment. We put a skittle in water and watched what happened to the letter “s” and also watched the colors blending in the water. We finished up on Friday with skittle graphing. We used our sorting skills and then graphed the skittles. After we were finished we got to eat the skittles. Yum! That was our favorite part!

We talked about being friends of Jesus in our religion series as well as found examples of ways friends were being kind to one another. Catechesis of The Good Shepherd will begin next Wednesday. The children will go in small groups down to the atrium each Wednesday.

Next week we will continue to talk about what makes a good friend. Our letter will be Ww. We will be finishing up our pattern unit in math as well as our color unit.

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