Getting Along with Others

Our theme this week – how do we get along with others? We read the book Getting Along and talked about what it means to be a friend. The students learned a new action rhyme about friendship and they role played different scenarios with their classmates.

We introduced our first letter – Mr. N announced his arrival on Tuesday and shared his ME bag filled with lots of his favorite things starting with the letter Nn. We practiced writing an upper and lower case Nn – for the first letter of the year, the class did a great job! The class read their first book together – I Made Noise … we practiced a few repeat sight words this week and they did a great job reading in small groups. Our WOW words this week were: cooperate, share, fair, assist, and emotion. We also worked this week on patterning – AB to AAB, ABB, and ABC patterns AND we continued with sorting and graphing – our favorite being Fruit Loops and Skittles!

We started our religion unit this week and it too focused on being kind to one another and how Jesus wants us to honor Him. In addition, we read the story of Noah’s Ark and we made our own ark like Noah – they are displayed in the gym hallway.

We had our first fire drill at school – we practiced a few times before the official drill and the students rocked it when the alarm sounded!

Finally, we started our classroom home activities – the ME bag, Estimation Jar, and Bucketful of Dinosaurs went home with a few students this weekend. I reminded the students that everyone will have an opportunity to bring each of these home activities to their own house throughout the school year! Each will be returned on Monday at which time the students will have an opportunity to present their respective activity.

Next Week: What makes a good friend? And letter Ww is introduced! Also this Wednesday morning is the start of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd!


Don’t forget! Scholastic Book Club deadline coming in a few weeks!

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