Great First Week!

Good afternoon and welcome to the Pre-K blog!

It has been a fun 7 days of getting to know each other at school. Last week, we tested the Pre-K waters with two quick days of learning each other’s names, where the toys are in the classroom, and what it is like to be at Christ the King school … for some as their first time in a classroom setting.

This week, we started on our curriculum and talked more in depth about what happens at school. We learned a new song “I’m a big preschooler” (please ask them to sing it for you with the action movements too!).  We talked about our classroom, appropriate verses inappropriate activities at school, and the “5 Rules” of the PreK classroom (these are yearlong review activities!). In addition, we read some fun books – “How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?” along with a few books about the not so good behavior of monsters at school. Each week of our curriculum, we will learn WOW words which help to vocabulary development by incorporating new vocabulary into everyday language. This week’s WOW words were challenge, considerate, disturb, commotion, and tidy.

5 Rules of the Classroom:

  • Rule #1             Follow Directions Quickly
  • Rule #2             Raise Your Hand for Permission to Speak
  • Rule #3             Keep Your Hands and Your Feet and Your Objects to Yourself
  • Rule #4             Make Smart Choices
  • Rule #5             Listen When Your Teacher is Talking

Also, this week we started centers – one center focused on their name (the letters in their name – unscrambling them on the school bus, painting surprise names,  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letter coconut tree) and the other center focused on sorting (shapes, colors, items – keys were a HUGE hit!, blocks, fake coins).

It was a busy (and tiring) first full week of school – the students had all their scheduled specials and got to walk through the majority of the school as a result – lots of curious looks and excited greetings with older students!

Next week:

We have a short week of school with only 3 days – NO SCHOOL this Thursday or Friday (and don’t’ forget Labor Day on Monday, 9/3). We will be discussing how we learn at school – part of this will be learning the “Give Me 5” of  good listening.

Give Me 5:

  1. Legs are crossed
  2. Hands are still
  3. Ears are listening
  4. Eyes are watching
  5. Lips are zipped

Also, we will start learning about patterning and continue our color unit!

Have a great weekend!

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