Happy Hair and our Hiding Mr. H!

It was a fun week in the Pre-K! Each morning, we searched for our hiding Mr. H! He introduced us to his letter and many new words as he shared his ME bag with the class. Our WOW words this week were: belong, calm, boisterous, comfort, and support. We also learned about one-to-one correspondence with musical chairs, matching card game, and playdoh apple trees. You can reinforce this at home by practicing matching objects one-to-one … for example, at the dinner table – one plate for each person, one fork for each person, one cup and so on!

We talked this week about our families and what makes them special. Each family is different and similar – some small and some large, some calm and some boisterous, some families have grandparents that live with them, some have pets – to name a few ways. It was wonderful to see how excited the students were to talk about their families and what makes each family unique. The student had homework to surprise their family with something special to do for them (without asking of course!). We had a lot of bedroom floors picked up, dishes washed and entire houses cleaned – moms and dads should be smiling with how much housework was done in one night! Your children were so proud of their families – it was a pleasure to listen to stories … truly God’s gifts.

Two important reminders: Monday, October 8th is picture retakes if needed. And the Matthy’s Farm field trip is coming up on Wednesday, October 10th. If you have not done so already, please return completed field trip permission forms, return ship and money as soon as possible.

Scholastic Book Orders for September are completed – thank you for your orders. The next book order will be due Friday, October 26th! I am sending home flyers in Monday’s yellow folder if you are interested in ordering online. Scholastic is a wonderful way to purchase books inexpensively for your children … read, read, read – please continue to read to your children and encourage them to read to themselves, to you, or even siblings and friends!

Next Week: Tuesday, October 2nd is Guardian Angel Day. We will have angel food cake for a snack, practice our Guardian Angel prayer and make a few Guardian Angel crafts – always a special day for Pre-K! Also this week, we will be talking about our 5 senses and Mr. M will be here to teach us about his letter and sound.

Dates to Remember:

  • October 8th – Picture Retake Day
  • October 10th – Matthy’s Farm Field Trip
  • October 11th & 12th – NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)
  • October 30th – Halloween Party




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