6th grade-study notes on Angels

7th grade-Decision Point 1.1-discussion questions due Mon., (10/8), please hand in type written questions and answers

8th grade-Candidate/Sponsor Homework-can be found on  the Christ the King parish website- christthekingonline.com-go to Unit Four  do first Scriptural Reflection ( John 15:1-17)  answer questions and Explore Church Teaching answer question at end. Assignment is due on Wed., (10/10)

Please turn in permission slips for Immersion Trip as soon as possible, thanks to those who have already done it!

Youth Ministry meeting for 7th and 8th graders on Sun., (10/7) in Youth Ministry room from 7-9 pm. BRING PHONE, if you have one.

This is for everyone – Remember to keep Holy the Sabbath!

St. Francis Seelos, pray for us!

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