We attended Ash Wednesday mass this week and the children did wonderfully! They were very attentive at mass and were very quiet. We did receive ashes and they handled that with great maturity. As we begin this season of Lent the Pre-k classes are focusing in on prayer. You have all received purple crosses. Please pray with your child each day, write a prayer or what you prayed for, and send those crosses back to school. We will be hanging them on our bulletin board. At the beginning of Lent we have only a few crosses but by the end of the 40 days our bulletin board is full. What a great visual of all the prayers we prayed to prepare our hearts for Easter.

A new project in Pre-K this year are the Prayer Buddies. The Prayer Buddies will begin on Monday. Each child will bring home a buddy for the week. This buddy helps to remind us to pray. We should then draw what/how we prayed with the Prayer Buddy each day. The buddy will be with you from Monday to Friday. Please send the buddy back on Friday so we can send it home with another friend the next Monday.

This month we will be focusing on Dr. Seuss books with specific emphasis on rhyming. You should have all received a note with our special topic for each day the next two weeks. On Monday for instance we will read “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut”. Your child may bring in a blanket or pillow for a special reading time in the classroom. Each day there is a special something to bring or dress up in so please keep a close eye on our flyer for the topic of the day. This will prove to be a very fun couple of weeks for Pre-k.

A sneak preview of next week as well; the letter Q and the letter U will get married! Yes we will have a wedding celebration here at school to help us remember that where we find a Q we will also find a U.

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