Middle School Science Week of 10/7

6- We are finishing our roller coaster project and then calculating the kinetic and potential energy of the marble at different points on the roller coaster. After that we will work on our study guide for the Chapter 2 Test (which will be on Monday 10/14 for 6B and Wednesday 10/16 for 6E). The rest of the week we will be doing a review game and practice test to get ready for it! The two best things to study from are the study guide and the practice test.
Assignments: Roller coaster worksheet due 10/9 for 6B and 10/11 for 6E
Study guide due 10/9 for 6B and 10/11 for 6E

7- We will finish one last activity on Newton’s Laws of Motion and then start to work on the science fair. We are starting to develop our question for the experiment- feel free to brainstorm! We are also starting our next chapter on energy, so we will be looking at different household items to see what energy they have and how it is transformed. We’ll get to have some conversations about energy sources, which I am looking forward to!
Assignments: Card Lab due 10/10 for 7W and 10/15 for 7G
Final Science Fair Question (on a Google Doc that has been shared with me) due 10/14 for              7W and 10/15 for 7G
Energy Worksheet due 10/14 for 7W and 10/15 for 7G

8- In 8th grade, we will start the week by practicing assessing trends on the Periodic Table with a game and a coloring worksheet. When this is done, the chapter is over! We will work on the study guide and play a review game to get ready for the test, which will be on 10/16 for 8B and 10/18 for 8R. Make sure to use your study guide and practice test to study for these.
Assignments: Turkey coloring worksheet due 10/9 for both 8R and 8B
Study guide due 10/10 for 8B and 10/15 for 8R

Have a wonderful week!

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