Middle School Science Week of 2/10

I would like to congratulate all of the 7th grade students on their great achievements at the Science Fair last week! It was so great to see all of their hard work and knowledge come to fruition; we had some truly awesome projects.

6B- On Monday, students will be reviewing for their test by completing an escape room, answering white board questions, and watching selections of the Lion King while answering questions about the African ecosystem. On Wednesday is their test- last week they took their practice test and got the answers to their study guide so they should have everything they need to study! On Friday, they will be researching different types of ecosystems (biomes). They will each have a different type to look up, they will create a single powerpoint slide, and present it to a small group of classmates. If there is time after this, we will watch some nature documentaries to look at examples of these ecosystems.
Assignments: Populations and Communities Test on Wednesday 2/12

6E- We will begin the week by reviewing how populations can change. They will finish their animal portfolio by doing a page of research on whether their animal is abundant, threatened, or endangered. These portfolios may have been finished in class, but if not, they are due Wednesday. On Wednesday we will review habitats and niches, and complete a “business card” for a member of an ecosystem to enforce the concept of a niche. We will begin discussing how animals interact in ecosystems. On Friday, we will continue notes on animal interactions and relationships and do a worksheet to practice what we just learned. We will then do stations to explore relationships more. At the end of the day, they will receive a study guide to do that will be due next Wednesday.
Assignments: Animal Portfolios due Wednesday 2/12
Business Card due Thursday 2/13
Communities and Relationships Worksheet due Next Wednesday 2/19
Study Guide due Next Wednesday 2/19

7- This week we will be finishing up our lesson on atoms. We will review isotopes, ions, and elements in class by drawing them on the desks with our chalk markers. 7G will create their Valentine Atoms to practice where subatomic particles go, and will finish their names in elements (7W did this last week). They will have a study guide to prepare for the quiz, and take a quiz on 2/12 (7W) or 2/18 (7G). We will then begin our next unit, biology! We are learning about cells, which is always a very fun chapter. We will introduce cell theory and the idea that all living things are made of cells, and then research what macromolecules cells are made of. If we have time at the end of the week, we will begin talking about organelles and their functions!
Assignments: Study guide due 2/11 for 7W and 2/13 for 7G
Atoms Quiz 2/12 for 7W and 2/18 for 7G

8B- This week we will finish up our chapter on the characteristics of life. On Tuesday, we will do a lab to observe different types of living things and attempt to categorize them based on what we see. At the end of class, students will get a study guide for the chapter, which is due Wednesday. On Wednesday, they will get the answers to the study guide. On Friday, they will take a practice test and play a review game to review the chapter. The test will be next Thursday, 2/20.
Assignments: Study Guide due Wednesday 2/12

8R-  We will continue this week studying the characteristics of life. On Monday, we will review what requirements something must meet in order to be considered alive, and look at how different creatures satisfy these requirements. On Wednesday we will look at how all of these organisms are organized through binomial nomenclature. We will do a worksheet to see what the scientific name of many animals are, and observe how they are grouped. On Thursday, we will choose one animal to further research, and see how it is categorized. If there is time, we will review cells and how they function.
Assignments: Poster due 2/12
Binomial Nomenclature Worksheet due 2/13
Taxonomy poster due 2/18

Have a good week, stay healthy!

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