Middle School Science Week of 9/10

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, and is ready to go this week! All the classes are starting new content this week, which I’m very excited to dive in to!

6th: On Monday, we are spending the day correcting and reviewing our study guides for the test, and will finish class with a practice test that we will correct. The chapter test is Tuesday, and I recommend using the study guide and practice test to study! On Wednesday we will be doing an activity to learn about how to convey position via a reference point. We will be expanding on this idea Thursday, and complete some worksheets to practice this skill. Any worksheet not finished will be homework. Friday is the 6th graders’ retreat!

7th: The chapter test will begin our week on Monday. Tuesday we will be looking at motion, forces, and gravity in the classroom using tennis balls and ping pong balls. Wednesday we will do a lab examining friction- the homework will be to watch a video about Newtonian gravity (linked below), unless we have time to watch it together in class. On Thursday we will be looking at Newton’s First Law of Motion and inertia, and apply that knowledge on a partner quiz on Friday. After the quiz Friday we will being doing a demonstration of Newton’s First Law.


8th: We will start the week off with the chapter test on Monday. On Tuesday we will explore mixtures and substances with examples, and we will expand on these ideas Wednesday when we review the structure of an atom and what makes elements different from one another. On Thursday we will do an activity to introduce physical properties of matter, and learn how to separate mixtures using these properties. On Friday we will perform a lab to reinforce differentiating substances by their physical properties.

Get ready for a great week!

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