Monday, April 29, 2019

We took the first LA ILEARN today. Frankly, it was pretty brutal.  We worked for 90 minutes, and some kids still did not finish.  Because they are allowed all the time they need, those kids will be pulled at some point to finish up.  We will test on Wednesday and Thursday mornings as well.  Next week, we will complete the Science section.

We have a Spelling list this week, bur we will not take the test until NEXT Friday.  In other words, we will work on this list for two weeks.

The kids had about 25 minutes at the end of the day to work on homework this afternoon.  Many of them used their time well, others not so much.  If your child has a lot to do, chances are he/she did not use time well.


Reading       Finish Cinco de Mayo packet

Spelling        ABC order

Math             p. 604-606 (test tomorrow)

Religion       finish Theological Virtues poster

LA                 review for quiz

Have a great afternoon!

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