Monday, August 27, 2018

Today was busy, busy, busy!  We started our study of the novel “Shiloh”.  We will read and discuss the first section (chapters 1-3) this week, but we will not have a Reading test.  We also introduced our first Writer’s Workshop.  The only thing the kids are doing with it tonight is going over the directions with you and asking you to sign it to return to me.  We reviewed for our first LA quiz tomorrow, and I gave the kids a review page to look at.  If your child wishes, he/she can do the review activities and go over them with you, but that is totally optional; all they have to do is read the review page.

In Math today, we are learning how to write numbers using words.  Ask your child why this is a very important skill.  He/she will have a pretty funny response.


Math    worksheet

Religion  vocab. picture

Science     finish scientist

Reading    extra credit due Wed. (yes, everyone should do it; we can all use extra points!)

Spelling    worksheet due Wed. – there will be NO test

LA             directions signed and returned

I know this seems like a heavy load, so I gave the kids 20 minutes this afternoon to work on homework.  Hopefully, everyone used time well.

Have a great afternoon!

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