Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

On Thursday, we will have a Valentine’s party.  If your child wants to bring valentines, he/she must bring one for everybody in class.  It’s easiest to just fill out the “from”, and drop a card in everyone’s bag.

We had our first African-American reports today, and they were really good.  I can’t wait to hear more tomorrow.

We tried something in Reading today.  We’ve done this before, but I like to throw it out there as one more strategy to help with comprehension.  I gave them their comprehension page before we began reading the story.  By seeing the questions first, they were able to read with a purpose.  As soon as we read an answer, we stopped and answered it.  Then, we continued on in the story until we came to another answer.  So, the kids have two more pages to read, and 3 more questions to answer.

We will have a Science test on Wednesday.  We did part of our study guide today, and that’s the part they should study tonight.  We’ll do the rest tomorrow.  Please help your child prepare, and don’t forget to sign the study guide for your child for extra credit.


Spelling     p. 147-148

Math         worksheet

Reading    comp. page

Music        2 more practice bugs by Thursday; recorder test

Have a great evening!

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