Monday, Feb. 4, 2019

The kids are working on a project in Social Studies, and some of them need to do some research to bring to class tomorrow.  Each group also needs a poster board, and they should bring in materials – such as markers – that they would like to use to work on the poster.  Please check in with your child to see if he/she needs anything for Soc. Stu.

We had JA again this afternoon.  We learned about interdependence and resources.

Our reading story this week is about hurricanes, so we are going to take this opportunity to learn about some other interesting meteorological and geological events.  If the kids use their time well, everyone should be able to easily finish their research and project here in school.

Your child has a letter in his/her expandable about our project for the auction. The kids need to bring in shoes and socks that they feel are representative of each of them for a picture.  Be sure to ask your child for the letter.

African American reports are due this Friday.  Please remind your child to include a works cited page.  Next week, we will sign up for our oral reports; your child should be starting on/thinking about a visual now.


Math    worksheet

Religion  test tomorrow

Spelling    p. 135-136

LA             Report due Friday

Have a great day!

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