Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

We are back in the swing of things, whether we want to be or not! 🙂  We got a lot accomplished today.

On Wednesday, your child needs to bring back his/her African American report directions with five possible choices and your signature.  Only one child is allowed to do any certain subject, so it’s important to have a few available.  I showed the kids how to look up subjects up they might be interested in studying.  That means that your child will likely need to do some research the next two days.

The window is open for the second leg of NWEA.  I imagine we will start this week.

We also have a Science test coming up.  More details will be coming.


Math        p. 341-343

Science    finish graph (most kids got done in class)

Reading    comprehension page

Spelling    p. 87 & 88

LA              biography page signed by Wed.

Have a great afternoon.

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