Monday, May 6, 2019

The Science ILEARN we took today was a bear!  Because we tested all through morning recess, I took the kids out for a little bit this afternoon before May Crowning.  We have one more Science test tomorrow, and then we are DONE with ILEARN!

We reviewed together today for an LA quiz tomorrow.  Some kids are choosing to do a bit more reviewing tonight.

Some kids are also opting to work on a little Science project we are working on.  We’ve already had two class periods to work, and they’ll have Wednesday as well.  Projects are due on Thursday.  Your child might ask you to proofread notes before he/she starts the final copy.  If your child has been absent or feels he/she won’t finish by Thursday, I’ve highly recommended doing a bit of work at home before Wednesday.


Spelling    worksheet due Wed.

Math          worksheet (be sure your child shows all work)

Religion     p. 171 in book

Enjoy the wonderful weather!

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