Monday, Sept. 24, 2018

We finished the fall leg of NWEA today.  This means that soon you will be receiving results that will show you where your student currently is in terms of skills, what he/she excels at, and what skills need more work.

I also have exciting news!  Mrs. Hill has graciously agreed to Japanese Fridays. Every Friday, she’s going to expose the kids to something dealing with Japan or Japanese culture.  This is purely enrichment, and will involve fun activities like singing. learning to count, crafts, etc.  I am so excited that she has agreed to let us all benefit from her experience!


Math    worksheet (there’s extra credit!)

Science    invertebrate review

Soc. Stu.   p. 3

Spelling    worksheet due Wed., both sides

LA             final narrative due Friday; be sure your child asked you to proofread with him/her

Have a great afternoon!

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